Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 8:57 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Caught in a slinky

This guy has managed to get himself caught up in a slinky and that is not a good situation to be in. No wonder he is looking up at somebody basically pleading for them to come and help him out because would you like to be trapped in one of them?

Caught in a slinky-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

2.He looks upset

This dog just looks a bit upset as he has been caught trapped on top of this stool. His eyes are pleading with you to do something, but he does not mean for you to stand there and take a photograph.

He looks upset-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

3.What a fine mess you are in

You get the feeling that this cat has been wrestling with this for a while and has finally admitted defeat. It has a look in its eyes that says it gives up and can you please rescue it now as it cannot be bothered doing anything else.

What a fine mess you are in-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

4.The eyes are peeking out

The funniest thing about this image is the way in which the eyes are just peeking out at the top and you can see that the cat has realized that it has done quite a stupid thing. At least this one should be quite easy to resolve, so it could have been a lot worse.

The eyes are peeking out-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

5.How is that possible?

How is it even possible for a cow to get its head stuck in this because it just looks as if there is no way that it could get through it in the first place. How do you get it out without scaring the life out of it as well?

How is that possible?-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

6.A cow in a kids car

Yes this is a cow that has managed to get its head stuck in one of those kids car things that you see being cycled around back yards. The other cow is just standing there trying to make sense of it all as well.

A cow in a kids car-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

7.It's still licking

This dog may have its head stuck in this jar, but look closely and you will see that he is still licking the bottom of it in order to get all of the last remnants out. That is dedication to being a dog right there because most animals would just give up, but not this guy.

It's still licking-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

8.But you got half way?

What on earth is happening here and how did the horse manage to get half way before it got stuck? Surely it would have been difficult getting the first part over, but then its fat bum is the actual problem here.

But you got half way?-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

9.The cat is not happy

You just know that this cat is in that jar and is wondering how on earth it gets back out. The eyes kind of give this away as it is completely puzzled as to what to do next and it realizes that it was not its best idea to get in there in the first place.

The cat is not happy-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

10.A horse in a tree

This horse has had to sit down as it tries to work out what it is going to do in order to get out of this tree. It must have been trying to get to something inside, but now it feels a bit stupid.

A horse in a tree-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

11.A curious cow

First of all what on earth does this cow have its head stuck in and the second thing is what was it doing in a field with a rather silly animal? Cows are not known for their brains, so of course they are going to go and stick their head in something like this.

A curious cow-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects

12.He looks scared

Well this dog looks a bit surprised and scared as he discovers that his head is indeed stuck in there. The question is how he managed to get so much of it in before he realized that something was not quite right with it all.

He looks scared-Funny Animals Stuck In Objects



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