Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

Friday, Jan 3, 2020, 5:40 pm
By:Tony Williams


The train seems to be a popular place to fall asleep. The shaking of the car, the feeling of the tracks under your feet, and hum accompanied by it all, lulls you to sleep like a baby. However, it's when you fall into that deep sleep, that the faces come out.

Commuting-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

2.On The Subway

You really shouldn't touch the handles in a subway train, and then touch your eyes or nose. It's the perfect way to catch a cold. This woman probably didn't hear that warning as she just planted her nose right on the germ ridden railing, no doubt passed out cold, without a care in the world.

On The Subway-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

3.In A Shopping Cart

When you gotta sleep, you just gotta sleep. While most people would have preferred the grass, to stretch out for a nap, this guy probably feared bugs, so instead he scrunched up into a shopping cart and dozed off. How stiff would you imagine he is when he wakes up?

In A Shopping Cart-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

4.On The Ground

It's hard to say what is more disturbing. The fat buy sleeping in a chair, and ignoring his grandchild, or the grandchild sleeping on the cement, face down. We have to hope that the child fell asleep first, but with all that cushioning the man is carrying around, couldn't he have given her a better place to sleep.

On The Ground-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

5.Trunk Of A Car

Anything is comfortable with your are stone cold drunk. This woman apparently had one too many and is sleeping it off in the parking lot. Making herself comfortable on the trunk of, what we hope is, her car, she at least isn't driving drunk, and for that we applaud her.

Trunk Of A Car-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

6.In Plane Propeller

One has to wonder what this guy was doing before he fell asleep. Was he working on the propeller, or did he just walk by it and think, "wow, this would be a great place to hide and take a cat nap. Either way, he is going to be blown away as he awakens mid-air to the screeching sound of a jet.

In Plane Propeller-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

7.On The Train

The look on this guy's face says it all. Next to him seems to be a giant infant taking a nap in his underwear and t-shirt. Talk about making yourself at home. This guy has no shame and is apparently very comfortable as he sleeps the train ride away.

On The Train-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping


At the airport is where you will find a lot of sleeping people, propped up in chairs, on the floor, and in this case, toppled over. Anything that seems comfortable is a go when it comes to airport sleeping. Hours can be spent there, sometimes overnight, when flights are delayed, so you can't blame them.

Airport-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

9.On The Train

Everybody's biggest nightmare. Falling asleep in public with your mouth open. This woman is off in a deep state of sleep, as if she was in her own bed at home. With her moth gaping open, the guy beside her saw a photo opportunity. Let's just hope she doesn't miss her stop.

On The Train-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

10.In A Booth

Sometimes a coffee just doesn't do the trick, and a catnap is necessary. A nice booth bench makes the perfect temporary bed, but one has to wonder if this guy had it all planned out ahead of time. Why would he have a blanket with him, unless he is homeless and does this regularly.

In A Booth-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

11.On A Truck Tire

They say in the winter people should honk their horns before staring their cars and driving off, because cats like to sleep on their tires. In this case, if you missed this guy as you walked to your truck, you better honk a few times. He looks passed out cold.

On A Truck Tire-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping

12.Waiting Room

Sometimes you just can't help it. Your eyes get heavy, and no matter where you are, you just fall asleep. This man looks to be protecting his most precious assets while he rests his head on the comfiest of pillows. He doesn't have it half bad. There are worse places to sleep.

Waiting Room-Funny Ways People Found Sleeping



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