12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:41 am
By:Tony Williams

Celebrities are Twitter's biggest strength. We don't think there would be too many people hanging out on Twitter if there were no celebrities on it. For some reasons, stars from all parts of the world have chosen Twitter over Facebook to keep in touch with their fans and followers. You would mostly see internet celebrities on YouTube or Facebook, but not on Twitter. Mind you; Twitter is no short of such internet celebrities, and you are just about to see them. Have a look at 12 funny Twitter accounts every fun-loving Twitter user needs to follow!
1.Jason @NickMotown

Nick Motown has tweeted a whopping 81,500 times to his over 15,000 followers. That's a lot of tweeting, even for a real bird. He never disappoints with his clever and witty tweets that cover anything from music to books and pop culture. A great one to add to your Twitter list of those to follow.

Jason @NickMotown-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

2.TechnicallyRon @TechnicallyRon

Technically Ron is hilarious with a sharp and canny tone. His 16,500 followers get to read some of the most prolific tweets ever. Based out of London, Technically Ron has gained popularity for saying things that most wouldn't dare, and for saying them in such a way, you have to think twice.

TechnicallyRon @TechnicallyRon-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

3.Paul Bassett Davies @thewritertype

Paul Basset Davies is the Writer Type, a clever play on words to use as his Twitter name. The author of "Utter Folly" is baed out of the United Kingdom and his writing is definitely folly. Using humor to attract 14,700 Twitter followers, his comedy relates to our every day lives.

Paul Bassett Davies @thewritertype-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

4.Mr Roger Quimbly @RogetQuimbly

Followed by Ellen Degeneres. Roget Quimbly has over 30,000 followers. Popular for writing a piece on how to tweet with tips that are common sense but also sarcastic and funny. His tweets are unlike many you will find out there and with over 16,000 tweets, he has really honed his skills.

Mr Roger Quimbly @RogetQuimbly-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

5.Scriblit @Scriblit

Scriblit has over 10,000 followers who log in every day to see what he has to say, or tweet, that is. Located in the United Kingdom, he's tweeted almost 70,000 times. Funny, sarcastic, and someone to follow, Scriblit often refers to himself as a "future corpse," and loves to comment on film.

Scriblit @Scriblit-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

6.October Jones @OctoberJones

Author of two books, based on his dog, October Jones has 61,500 followers who love his irreverent drawings and text exchanges with his dog. When he asks his dog why he always breaks his things, the dog asks by he cut off his balls. You really believe that the dog is texting him, or at least you want to believe it.

October Jones @OctoberJones-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

7.sh!t Nobody Says @sh!tNobodySays

sh!t Nobody Says is just that. It's things that people think but are afraid to say out loud. With 764,000 followers, people are eating up the clever tweets that speak for them, when they just can't. Saying things like, "I look good in my drivers license picture," or "I look so hot when I sneeze," makes this account one to follow.

sh!t Nobody Says @sh!tNobodySays-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

8.Condescending Wonka @OhWonka

Condescending Wonka is every bit the epitome of his name. His tweets insult your intelligence, but 644,000 Twitter followers can't get enough. He is among one of the most popular Twitterers with tweets that get you thinking and make you want to respond ... "Oh Wonka." He is sarcasm and condescension at its best.

Condescending Wonka @OhWonka-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

9.Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien

With 8.5 million followers, people just can't get enough of late night tv host, Conan O'Brien. His Twitter posts are just as crude as he is and his followers love it. Ranked as one of the top 100 Twitter accounts with the most followers, you're sure to get a chuckle after reading.

Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

10.Betty F*ckin' White @BettyFckinWhite

Betty White has been around for a long, long time. Popular for her role as Sue Ann Nivens, on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970's, the 92 year old is still going strong. With 116, 000 followers this parody twitter account shows that she's still got it.

Betty F*ckin' White @BettyFckinWhite-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

11.God @TheTweetOfGod

This hilarious Twitter account lets us know what it might be like if God had a Twitter account. Think about it. This is the guy who can do anything, say anything, and create anything. With 822,000 followers, all hanging on his every word, he tweets such clever things as, "the wise man chooses his words carefully, while the fool says stupid sh!t."

God @TheTweetOfGod-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow

12.Not Will Ferrell @itsWillyFerrell

This outrageously hilarious parody Twitter account of actor Will Ferrell is every bit as funny as he is. When you read jokes like "there is a fine line between having a tan, and looking like you rolled in a bunch of Doritos", the person behind the parody Twitter account sounds pretty much like Will Ferrell himself. Over 1.7 million people follow this account on Twitter, and it has about 27K+ tweets posted to date. @itsWillyFerrell is one of the biggest celebrity parody accounts on the internet. 

Not Will Ferrell @itsWillyFerrell-12 Funny Twitter Accounts To Follow



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