Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 8:54 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Well you certainly don't have one

We should come to the conclusion that this is not a spelling mistake, but more a cry for help from the person at Starbucks. They are merely telling us what they are desperate for and they just want to have a brain as they are clearly lacking in one right now.

Well you certainly don't have one-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

2.Air inn what?

What exactly is the air getting up to? What inn has it entered? Oh you actually mean Erin as in the name? Well that explains it all.

Air inn what?-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

3.Fill what?

This person has really not even bothered to try here because surely they know the difference between Phil and the word Fill? If they cannot even do this how can we trust them to make our coffee?

Fill what?-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

[email protected] sounds better

Oh this is great, do the people at Starbucks not figure that if your parents had called you [email protected] that you would change your name as soon as possible? Why would you subject yourself to all of that abuse through your life? Well that is because it is actually Virginia.

v@gina sounds better-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

5.Try again

Now Laura is quite a common name, so you would think that the chances of somebody getting it so wrong when spelling it would be next to nothing. However, trust a Starbucks employee to come up with the goods as this attempt shows.

Try again-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

6.What about Kris eyebrow?

This is one where you just sit and shake your head because they are clearly trying to spell Christian, but they have just decided to fail in spectacular fashion. This is one of those moments in life where you just fear for the future of the human race.

What about Kris eyebrow?-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

7.A valiant attempt

OK so Reid may not be a common name, but surely being called Reed would be even rarer? You do wonder about the sanity of some of the people that work in Starbucks when you see how they struggle even with names.

A valiant attempt-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

8.You fail!!

Well this person really did fail in a simple test or are they telling you what they have done in your coffee? How did they get from Chad to that in one easy move? It just leaves you stunned when thinking that they had to shout it out.

You fail!!-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

9.Cats is close enough

Do they not wonder why somebody would be called cats? Is that not the strangest name that you could possibly have in the world? Clearly they thought it was possible resulting in this rather wonderful attempt on the coffee cup.

Cats is close enough-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

10.Everyone wins at porn

It is not just the fact that they have put pornwin, but they would not have even got it right if they had just missed the bottom part of the letter B. This is just wrong in so many ways that they actually deserve a pat on the back.

Everyone wins at porn-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

11.Do it phonetically

Clearly this person had no idea how to spell the name, so they did the next best thing. They mentally went through it phonetically in their head, but then their hand ended up writing it like that as well resulting in this.

Do it phonetically-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails

12.I hope it is Angus

You just hope that they were actually meaning to spell the name Angus as that is the only other thing that can come close to this. Either that or they are trying to tell the customer what they think of them, but then that is the Starbucks way.

I hope it is Angus-Funny Starbucks Cup Spelling Fails



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