12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 12:48 pm
By:James Fraser

Monday is when you get back to work after a happy weekend. Monday is when you need to be responsible and act like an adult again. Millions of people around the world hate Mondays because for the reasons mentioned above. The story is different for entrepreneurs and businesspersons, though. For them, every day is a Monday! Now take a look at these 12 hilarious Monday memes that sum up how badly people hate the first day of the week!
1.This Funny Astronomical Comparison

"One day on Mercury lasts approximately 1408 hours, the same as Monday on Earth." 
Mondays are depressing! It isn't just a mere statement; a scientific study backs the argument. Talking about this meme, it compares Monday on Earth to a typical day on Mercury. As you know, one day is nothing but one complete rotation of a planet around its axis. Mercury rotates very slowly. Earth completes one rotation in 24 hours whereas Mercury takes approximately 58 days, 15 hours, and 30 minutes. Days on Mercury are pretty long, just like our Mondays! 

This Funny Astronomical Comparison-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

2.This Is How An Average Working Professional Feels On Monday

Don't you think Sundays are far more depressing than Mondays? You have to spend Sunday thinking about the Monday, persistently throughout the day! Sunday evenings are particularly disheartening, as they officially mark the end of your weekend. Mondays aren't that bad since you are already living the day and going to complete it in a few hours. Anticipating a terrible thing is so much worse than going through it! Do you agree with us? 

This Is How An Average Working Professional Feels On Monday -12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

3.Monday-Sized Coffee Cup

This large coffee cup may help people who are struggling to beat their Monday morning blues. Many workplaces observe a spike in coffee consumption on Mondays, and that signifies what we have been talking about for the past few minutes. People hate Mondays. Period. Remember, too much coffee or caffeine is bad for health. See Monday as your enemy and avenge it by spending your day positively and happily! 

Monday-Sized Coffee Cup-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

4.Monday Morning Smiles

Sadly, that's exactly how most employees greet their coworkers on Monday. We agree Mondays are horrible, but here are few tips to beat the Monday woes like a boss! Wake up early on a Monday morning, and that changes your perspective on the day. Be productive even before you reach your office by cleaning your house, preparing breakfast, etc. Waking up minutes before going to work makes a Monday even more horrible.

Monday Morning Smiles-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

5.If Monday Were A Person

We are exactly talking about this on the previous post! Monday genuinely sucks, but that doesn't mean you should sleep through the day as long as you can to face it. The three things you need to do on a Monday morning is waking up early and watching the sunrise, taking a hot shower, and preparing yummy and nutritious breakfast yourself. Try this next week and see if you can beat the sickening Monday blues! 

If Monday Were A Person-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

6.Mondays Be Like

Mondays don't chase you like a dinosaur, but responsibilities do. Most people drastically lower their productivity on a Friday afternoon thinking they can easily cover that up on Monday. That's not a good idea because it is only going to make Monday more miserable! Ideally, you should be completing your work in advance, so you can thoroughly enjoy Friday night parties without needing to worry about work related things. This way you don't need to handle the remaining work on Monday morning.

Mondays Be Like-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

7.Aren't We Talking About This Already?!

This is exactly how your face looks like if you have to do Friday's work on a Monday morning. The Monday woes are tough to beat, and additional responsibilities like these make them even more challenging to overcome. Remember, you spend a good part of your life working. If you don't hundred percent love doing that; you are making your life miserable. Repeatedly doing things that we don't like ensures many psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, etc. Don't succumb to those Monday woes and beat them like a boss! 

Aren't We Talking About This Already?!-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday


8.When You're Having A Great Weekend

Why do weekends go very fast? It feels like Friday night was just a few hours ago! The reason for that is you actually enjoy being home, going to parties, watching movies, or even sleeping on a weekend. Time flies when you are happy and enjoying something. It doesn't move at all when you are wasting away time or feeling bored. To make your weekend longer, wake up very early in the morning. Witness sunrise and soak yourself in serene early morning atmosphere. Keep yourself busy in some work even if it is meant for fun. This way you feel like you had a very long weekend! 

When You're Having A Great Weekend-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

9.A Typical Monday Morning

Internet and smartphones have been affecting our good night sleep for the past decade or so. Many of us hardly sleep for 5 hours. As you know, the minimum required night sleep for an average adult individual is 7 to 8 hours. It's not just about Monday; many of us struggle to wake up early, every day. If you are one of them, your face looks exactly like the face of this little girl when you fall asleep again after pressing the snooze button on your alarm!  

A Typical Monday Morning-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday


10.The Worst A Monday Can Do To A Person

Often referred to as the first school shooter in the United States, the then 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer opened fired at a school gathering because she hated Mondays! The attack left five pupils dead and approximately 30 kids injured. Brenda was a highly skilled sharpshooter just like her dad. In fact, her father gifted her a brand new .022 rifle with tons of ammunition for Christmas, and the girl used it to kill innocent kids! 

The Worst A Monday Can Do To A Person-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

11.If Monday Was A Beer

This picture annoys a beer lover right away! The beer and beer head (frothy foam) are in reverse proportions. If Monday were a beer, it would exactly look like this! If you enjoy drinking beer, treat yourself with a pint or two on Monday night! It need not always be beer or alcohol; you can order some delicious food on Monday, hang out with friends, have sex, or just plan to do something cool. That keeps your Monday exciting, and you don't find your time at work boring or depressing! 

If Monday Was A Beer-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

12.Happy Friday, Wait, Sorry, It's Monday!

This meme is hilarious as it is making fun of Monday miseries while referring to Steve Harvey's winner announcement mess-up during the Miss Universe 2015 Grand Finale. The reality TV show blunder led to the creation of numerous memes during that time, and this Monday meme was one of them. Hilarious meme, isn't it? Nonetheless, that's one good way to pull a quick prank on your coworkers.

Happy Friday, Wait, Sorry, It's Monday!-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday



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