12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 12:39 pm
By:James Fraser

Time heals all things, except these crazy eyes! If you watched Adam Sandler's 2002 film, "Mr. Deeds," you would perhaps remember Steve Buscemi playing the "Crazy Eyes" role and all the funny scenes in the movie that involved him. Looks Good to Me meme is a screen capture of one such funny scene from the film. Although the meme isn't as popular as some other memes on the internet, it does make you laugh, especially if you are a perfectionist or someone who is super critical about things! The Looks Good to Meme is mostly used to describe automobile or mechanical imperfections by those who work in the industry. Check these 12 funny Looks Good to Memes that are very funny.
4.That's The Only Way You Can Check Out The Two Girls At Once!

Crazy Eyes does have the edge over all of us here because he can see the booties of the two girls all at the same time! We are just kidding! That's not how squint works. The weird eye condition Steve Buscemi enacted in "Mr. Deeds" is called squint, and squint as bad as that just can't let anyone see anything properly. Contrary to popular belief, it's hard to focus on two different things at a time. We must appreciate Steve for all the hard work he put in because, man, it's hard to keep eyes like that for even for a couple of seconds, let alone doing that for an entire movie. 

That's The Only Way You Can Check Out The Two Girls At Once! -12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

5.Meanwhile At The Ford Factory!

This particular meme made this Looks Good to Me meme famous. Someone made this meme to mock, make fun, and vent out their anger over the poor design of Ford's 2015 Mustang. Many people in the United States and around the world didn't like the design at all. They showed their dislike in many ways, including using memes. In fact, a lot of those funny Ford memes were created by Chevy fanboys

Meanwhile At The Ford Factory!-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

6.Tested Myself!

We don't know what this self-certification is all about, but we are sure a lot of us people aren't going to trust him. Let's assume he tested a car. If everything seemed normal to him, then there was a problem with the car, and perhaps we shouldn't drive it at all! We aren't making fun of an eye condition, but just describing a funny meme. Anyway, have you ever seen a man like Crazy Eyes in real life? You are less likely to see one because even severe cases of squint are easily treated with surgery. 

Tested Myself! -12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See