12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:54 pm
By:James Fraser

Just in case if you are wondering what the heck a hump day is, it is a synonym of Wednesday. As expected, the American people invented the term, which was then picked up by their big-ass corporations and used it in their million dollar advertising campaigns. Since Wednesday is in the middle of a typical Monday to Friday workweek, it is informally called a hump day. Hump day isn't as exciting as a Friday, and on a positive note, it isn't as worse as a Monday. Now have a look at these 12 hilarious hump day memes!
1.I Can Almost See The Weekend

To understand this hump day thing better, imagine climbing a very long water slide. Let's say you are standing on the peak (hump) of the water slide. If you look back from there, you will find Monday! Going forward, you will meet your beloved Friday and of course the weekend. The expression, hump day, emphasizes that going through Mondays and Tuesdays is challenging. Wednesday is like a Pre-Christmas for all those poor souls living for weekends! 

I Can Almost See The Weekend-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

2.Come On, Say It, Say It!

A few years ago, the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) released a hilarious TV commercial that showed a talking camel sneaking into an office and repeatedly questioning some seemingly bored employees, "what day it is?" The ad gained a lot of attention during that period. While most people had a good laugh watching it, some called the GEICO Hump day commercial racist! If you think that's stupid, what do you call this college group that canceled to rope in a camel for a campus hump day celebration but decided against it because it deemed racist?! A camel inside a college campus hurt people's sentiments? Seriously?

Come On, Say It, Say It!-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

3.That's Not What Hump Day Means

Dave was an English software engineer who moved to the United States a few months ago. As his first day at work happened to be a hump day a.k.a. Wednesday, Dave witnessed some weird hump day wishes on the office note boards. Unaware what a hump day really meant, the Limey then began dry humping chicks in the office! Hump day is not what it sounds like! Don't be like Dave, and don't get your ass whopped! 

That's Not What Hump Day Means-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

4.Does That Make It Dry Humping?

To whoever created this meme, since a rainy Wednesday is not called a wet humping day, your argument is invalid! That's a nice play on words, though. Did you know a lot of people hate it when you start calling Wednesday a hump day? Some of them even threaten to hit these hump day maniacs with rocks! As an average person, one may not find the word, hump day, annoying, but we live in a diverse world where every individual has an opinion. You may run out of money to spend, food to eat, clothes to wear, but not opinions to spew!

Does That Make It Dry Humping?-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

5.GEICO Camel

We were talking about this GEICO camel advertisement a few minutes ago. This meme was made based on that commercial. That video ad is hilarious, and if you want, you may watch it on YouTube now. The grumpy cat and ape in the meme say they are tired of the camel' sh*t, but once that camel loses its cool, it's going to hit them hard with its toes - camel toes - very hard! PS: The girl in the meme has no connection with the humor on this post!  

GEICO Camel-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

6.Every Day Is A Hump Day

Every day is indeed a hump day for a dog! Most unneutered male dogs are serial humpers, and you are less likely to know about their sexual aggression unless you or your partner own one. They hump their owners' legs, stuffed toys, pillows, dirty laundry, and pretty much everything that is humpable. If you ever get mounted by a dog, just make sure there exist no signs of wetness or stickiness! If you aren't a dog lover, cleaning a dog's cum off your clothes is the grossest thing you will ever need to do! 

Every Day Is A Hump Day-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

7.My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Double Humps!

The double camel in the meme is called a Bactrian camel, and you find them in Central Asian countries. The good thing is that you perhaps don't need a saddle to sit on. It seems we can comfortably sit between its two humps. What do you call a camel with two humps? Forgot already? It's called a Bactrian camel. What do you call a camel with one hump? Don't Google that. It's just called a camel! Now, what do you call a camel with no humps at all? HUMPHREY! 

My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Double Humps!-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week


8.Did Somebody Say Hump Day?

It has been ages, but people don't seem to forget the notorious Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky sex scandal! Bill Clinton has been a butt of jokes since the scandal broke out in the late 90s. Imagine how crazy the internet would go had similar incident happened in the recent years! Anyway, glad that Hillary Clinton didn't win the Presidential election, or otherwise, she would have to sit at the same desk Monica Lewinsky once sat under! 

Did Somebody Say Hump Day?-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

9.Shut Up, Camel!

As we said earlier, a lot of people hate it when you call Wednesday a hump day. This meme just represents such hump day haters! Ah, that's some brutal hitting in the picture. DON'T even think that camels are like animal Canadians! They are very aggressive. A pet camel once humped an Australian woman to death. The 60-year-old received the camel as a birthday gift from her family. Ever heard about a birthday present killing its recipient?! 

Shut Up, Camel!-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week


10.Camiley Cyrus In Action!

If you had trouble visualizing the brutal camel attack that we discussed a few seconds ago, this meme should help you! Camels and many other animals try to rape people during their heat cycle, but that doesn't happen in most cases because a thick layer of clothes stops them from penetrating human privates. Big animals like camels crush people to death with their excessive weight while humping. Be very careful while dealing with oversized animals, so your family doesn't need to tell people that an animal humped you to death! Your ghost is going to cringe hard every time it hears people talking about your death! 

Camiley Cyrus In Action!-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

11.Hump Day Explained

As said earlier, Wednesday is not as miserable as Monday, and not as exciting as Friday - just like our lives. We aren't wealthy, and we aren't poor. We are neither happy nor depressive. If you stay positive and spend your life like how you spend your Thursday and Friday, you are surely going to witness a great life ahead. Hey, we are just trying to be nice here. Honestly, nobody knows what happens tomorrow! 

Hump Day Explained-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week

12.Camel, Again!

When a camel asked you what day it is, quietly answer it "hump day!" We already told you how aggressive camels could be. You should fear camels! No? You still think they are cute? If so, you got to know about this Indian camel that bit off its owner's head and chewed it to pieces for leaving it to stand in the blazing sun for hours. It took nearly 6 hours for locals to control the enraged animal. Now guess what day it is?!

Camel, Again!-12 Funny Hump Day Memes That Will Make Your Whole Week



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