12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 11:34 am
By:James Fraser

We all know how Apple and Android fanboys fight. We are aware of those hilarious feuds between PC and console gamers. Unless you are from the United States and passionate about cars, you are less likely to know how Ford and Chevy owners quarrel over supremacy. Lately, we have been witnessing a lot of anti-Ford memes on the internet. They were created and shared online by Chevy owners to mock Ford as well as its fans. Have a look at these 12 Ford memes that are sure to crack you up!
1.Easy Now, Ford!

The big question here is, why is Ford hated so much? Ford is a famous automobile brand, and it does business in many parts of the world. There's a bit of negativity attached to Ford in the United States, and that's because Ford vehicles, especially the ones in its pickup truck lineup, said to be plagued by numerous problems. People often complain that Ford's Power Stroke engines are slow and not as smooth as its competitors' machines are. As you can see, this meme mocks a Ford truck that's hauling a small utility trailer. 

Easy Now, Ford!-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

2.A Ford Is Like A Tampon

"A Ford is like a tampon… eventually, all pussies get one!" 
This meme just shows how harsh can Chevy fanboys be! What exactly is their problem? Why are they so rude to Ford owners? As we told earlier, some highly passionate GM and Ford owners think that their brand is the best in the country. To prove their dominance, they often create memes and make jokes on each other. Ford fans are often mocked with girly insults because Ford often seems to be more interested in equipping fancy features than focusing on core machinery.

A Ford Is Like A Tampon-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

3.I'd Rather Push A Chevy

Lately, Ford and Chevy truck fans are taking the brand rivalry to an extreme level. You don't often find small car users of Ford and Chevrolet fighting for dominance. Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado are unquestionably two of the top pickup trucks in the United States. Equipped with a high-performance Duramax engine, Silverado is known for its power, performance, and speed. Ford -150, on the other hand, has some best-in-class technology and safety features. Those tough guys with pickup trucks usually don't like all the fancy things, and they just love vehicles that have brute power!

I'd Rather Push A Chevy-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

4.When A Ford Owner Says

"When a Ford owner says 'I blew my tranny,' they aren't talking about their transmission." 
General Motors and Ford, along with Fiat, are often referred to as the Big Three automobile manufacturers in the United States. Although sales figures have been fluctuating over the years, GM leads the United States auto market with respect to sales. As you may know, General Motors owns Chevrolet, Opel, GMC, Holden, Vauxhall, Maven, Buick, Cadillac, etc. Ford, in contrast, doesn't have an impressive subsidiary or sub-brand portfolio. The meme is funny, though. 

When A Ford Owner Says-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

5.It Would Suck Better!

"My vacuum wasn't working well; I put a Ford decal on it so it would SUCK better!" 
Another hilarious meme makes fun of Ford, and interestingly, there exists no car in the meme! This just shows how badly some people hate Ford. Chevy fanboys often complain that Ford trucks are very slow. Interestingly, many Ford owners complained about the same too. Remember, pickup trucks aren't like regular cars. They are heavy, and they are often used for hauling and towing, so an over-speeding pickup always spells trouble. 

It Would Suck Better!-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

6.Boy, That Escalated Quickly!

"When you are drag racing your Ford, and the engine blows up!" 
To be frank, Ford vehicles never had that gay car reputation! Ask Americans what's the gayest car according to them, and we bet most of them name Toyota Prius as the one! Don't confuse gay cars with gay-friendly cars! Gay cars look ugly, and they are hated by a lot of people. Gay-friendly cars, on the other hand, are manufactured by pro-LGBT car brands such as Subaru. The meme looks very funny, anyway! 

Boy, That Escalated Quickly!-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

7.Another Hilarious Ford Meme

"I just told her I drive a Ford; she told me both should see other men!" 
We almost forgot to talk about Dodge (RAM) owners here! RAM trucks are an alternative for those people who hate both Ford and Chevy. Like Ford, RAM has been censured in the recent times for its inability to produce reliable vehicles. There are many jokes and memes on Dodge pickup trucks as well. In fact, there are jokes on Chevy owners as well. Ford fanboys call Chevy drivers rednecks, and anti-Chevy jokes and memes often talk about Silverado's over-heating problems. 

Another Hilarious Ford Meme-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner


8.How Trucks Look Lifted

The meme is funny, but from an average person's point of view, lifted trucks look as ugly as some 90s Italian cars like Fiat Multipla! Today, we see a lot of people purchasing pickup trucks even though they don't have a genuine need to own one. Unless you are a farmer or someone who leads a country life, a pickup truck is an overkill in many cases. People hate it when they see a monstrous and giant-ass truck that occupies a lot of parking space! In defense of Ford trucks, they can be tweaked to look just like the other three trucks in the picture. 

How Trucks Look Lifted-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

9.Talking About Reliability

"Did you know 98% of Fords are still on the road today? The other 2% made it home!" 
Besides Ford and Chevrolet, almost all leading automobile manufacturing brands in the United States produce pickup trucks. Toyota Tundra, Nissan Frontier, GMC Sierra, Honda Ridgeline, etc. are some of the notable pickup truck models in the US. It's not just Ford, but many trucks break down frequently because they are technically commercial vehicles. They are designed to tow, haul, and work in extreme conditions. Unlike personal cars, pickup trucks require considerable attention. Although exaggerated, the meme's scenario is more or less the same with all trucks.

Talking About Reliability-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner


10.Meanwhile At The Ford Factory

Ford has designed some of the iconic and most stunning cars in the world; make no mistake about it! With that being said, Ford has also manufactured some terrible cars. For example, Ford Taurus Sedan, which was released in the late 90s, would look like an inverted soap tray rolling on wheels! The meme is funny, but now and then, car manufacturers come up with weird designs. Just in case if you guys don't know it, Ford has recently unveiled the pictures of 2018 Mustang, and many people didn't like it!  

Meanwhile At The Ford Factory-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

11.Mustang Hate Continues!

A few months ago a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (the one in the picture) plowed into a crowd in Mexico and nearly killed a few. In another incident that happened in Los Angeles, an inept Mustang driver drove his car into a crowd and killed two. Numerous videos on YouTube show how Mustang drivers suck at driving their vehicles. Ford Mustang is a muscle car with a mighty engine, so it is a lot different from driving a luxury car, especially while accelerating through a turn. 

Mustang Hate Continues!-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

12.Ford Drivers

"I don't usually talk to Ford drivers, but when I do, I'm always ordering large fries!" 
Ford cars are among some of the cheapest cars in the world, and that is why the company has an enormous global market. Luxury car owners often call Ford drivers peasants, saying they can only afFORD Ford cars! 
That's it, folks. That's all we have on this funny Ford memes topic. If you are a Ford fanboy, keep visiting the website, so you can check our anti-Chevy memes list that we are going to cover shortly.

Ford Drivers-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner



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