12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:07 pm
By:James Fraser

So, what does feminism actually mean? The dictionary says that feminism is an advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of the sexes. EQUALITY. You read that, right? Unfortunately, many women have turned feminism into a man-hating business. Those crazy feminists have made an average man hate the concept of feminism altogether. Who is a real feminist? Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany - or some whiny British girl who complained that air conditioning is sexist? If you see the latter as an inspiring women's rights crusader, we are sure you are not going to enjoy reading this topic! Anyway, check these 12 funny and stupid feminist memes that make you laugh or cringe hard right away! 
4.The Real Issue Of Equal Rights

Why don't we see more women in STEM fields? Why are most garbage workers men? Why don't you frequently see women at a construction site? As this meme says, why women receive a lesser sentence than men for same crimes? Equal rights, my friend, come to you when you start working toward achieving them. Why couldn't the so-called male chauvinists stop Theresa May from becoming the Prime Minister of the UK? Bangladesh is not as progressive or liberal as the United Kingdom, but the people of small Asian Muslim country elected a woman to rule them! As a girl, you need to decide whether you want to become the leader or just remain a beat-ass mullet mom who occasionally takes the road to protest gender inequality and injustice! 

The Real Issue Of Equal Rights-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists


Perhaps, this is the worst tweet we have read in the recent few weeks! We know people can be stupid, but we have never thought we are going to read something as dumb as this tweet! Apparently, it reads, "The tampon is a male invention designed to oppress women into raping themselves and spending their hard-earned money." Whoa, those are some insanely deep and crazy thoughts! If you think things like these never happen in real life, here's the story of Kiran Gandhi who ran a marathon without wearing a tampon or pad while she was on her period. She just tried to normalize menstruation, but that didn't happen, as a lot of girls hated her idea (rightfully) of #freebleeding! 

#Freebleeding!-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

6.The Bias

When a girl flirts with a guy, she's just a naughty type. And when a man does that, he is a creep. Wait. We shouldn't generalize people here. It's like - when a cute guy flirts with a girl, he is a charmingly confident man, and when an ugly dude does that, he is creepy AF! A handsome man calls a girl ugly nymph if she is too excited about him, and finds the same behavior cute when a beautiful girl displays it. Some men use their money to lure hot chicks, but they still insult them, calling them gold diggers. Some girls use their sexy bodies to attract men, and they complain they are being seen only as sex objects! Aren't we living in a crazy and hypocrite world? 

The Bias-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists