12 Funny Facepalm Memes That Will Make You Lol

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 10:08 am
By:James Fraser

You can find stupid people in every country on this planet. Foolishness is a significant part of evolution, without which it is not possible for an average human being to differentiate good from bad. What you are about to witness now is some stupidity articulated via a bunch of facepalm memes. Facepalm, as you know, is a universal expression that denotes an individual's disappointment when they see or hear something stupid. The internet, however, uses a picture of Picard (Patrick Stewart) to respond to stupidity. Now, have a look at these 12 facepalm memes that are incredibly hilarious! 
4.Off To Europe!

It is exactly how a lot of people lead a second life on social media, restlessly trying to convince people that their life has been amazing! Apparently, someone's trying to fake a Europe trip by posting a random airplane window shot they found on the internet. They should have at least downloaded the picture to hard disk and then post it on their social media profile! That way, they would have convinced at least a few people who were following them. Only those who feel miserable about their life post such stuff online.

Off To Europe!-12 Funny Facepalm Memes That Will Make You Lol

5.Cruising In The Benz!

Oh man, that's a BMW car, not a Benz! Both BMW and Benz are among the most famous automobile brands in the world, and millions around the world can recognize their logo instantly. We aren't sure whether the girl is driving the car, and this may well be yet another social media lie! Do you think she's trolling or that's just a typo? Okay, whatever. The picture certainly looks dumb enough to make a lot of people facepalm right away! 

Cruising In The Benz!-12 Funny Facepalm Memes That Will Make You Lol

6.Someone Lost Their 710!

"I lost my 710. Where can I find one?" 
We know that dude may just be kidding, but then again, there exist people who have no idea how a car works. 710 (OIL), blinker fluid, muffler bearings, etc. are some of the terms car enthusiasts use to insult or mock na├»ve car owners who refuse to grasp basic automobile knowledge. Yes, some people do believe blinkers use some fluid to work, and there are some who have shelled out bucks to get their muffler bearings greased! 

Someone Lost Their 710!-12 Funny Facepalm Memes That Will Make You Lol