12 Hilarious Confused Black Guy Memes

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 9:59 am
By:James Fraser

Confused Black Guy or Confused Nick Young memes convey those everyday moments of confusion in a funny manner. The meme uses a smiling photo of Lakers shooting guard, Nick Young, with a set of question marks on both sides of his face. These memes were originally a part of Black Twitter, but they gained popularity on all the leading meme websites after that. Even though these Confused Black Guy memes are not sidesplitting, they certainly make one chuckle a bit! Now, have a look at these 12 funny Confused Black Guy memes. 
4.This Grammar Nazi

If you hate people who mess up "your" and "you're," here's a grammatically challenged person for you, who is seen failing differently! The second person's reply is funny, and Nick Young in grammar Nazi suit looks even more hilarious. "I love you are hat!" Well, she's indeed a hat, an asshat to be precise! Remember, you can be a grammar Nazi only when you possess excellent language skills

This Grammar Nazi-12 Hilarious Confused Black Guy Memes

5.You're Always On That Phone

Me: Damn my stomach hurts
Mom: Yea, cause you always on that phone
Hey, moms are right! Spending too much time lazily at home playing games or browsing the internet on the phone leads to all kinds of physical problems, ranging from weight gain to body ache. Back in those 80s and early 90s, kids used to spend most of their leisure time outside, to play, chilling, and having fun with other kids in the neighborhood. Most children of this generation hardly move out from home and spend a significant part of their free time holed up in their bedroom. 

You're Always On That Phone-12 Hilarious Confused Black Guy Memes

6.What's For Breakfast?!

"When she asks what's for breakfast, and you're wondering why is still in your house!"  
Guys, always remember that if a girl is in no hurry to leave your place after a one-night stand, it means she likes you! She may like you in general or from a sexual perspective, but her willingness to stay over and have breakfast indicates that she has some feelings for you. If you also like her, make her breakfast. If you don't, still consider offering her some food, drop her at her place, and stop answering her calls or responding to her texts after that. 

What's For Breakfast?!-12 Hilarious Confused Black Guy Memes