12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 10:21 am
By:James Fraser

Cars need gas to run, and millions of people around the world need coffee to function properly! Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano - whatever their names are, at the end of the day, all of them carry a much-needed elixir to run the modern humankind, which is called COFFEE. Coffee is inarguably one of the most aromatic and tastiest drinks humans have ever prepared. If you are a coffee lover, these 12 hilarious coffee memes sum up what a cup of joe really means to you! 
1.Coffee, One Cup Please?

Besides the taste of coffee, its ability to keep one active and motivated throughout the day is the reason why many people drink coffee. The more they drink the energetic they stay throughout the day. Coffee, as you may know, is high in caffeine. Caffeine is addictive, and it is what makes people hooked up with coffee all the time. While there's no harm in drinking a couple of cups of coffee a day, but too much of it is bad for health in the long run.

Coffee, One Cup Please?-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

2.An Ejacu-Latte!

Cum is the last thing one wants to see in their coffee! We agree the whole thing looks a little awkward, but we have to appreciate the latte artist's effort as well as the person who's about to sip on that coffee for their creativity and lightheartedness. As you know, some baristas are excellent at creating awesome shapes and designs on coffee. Have a look at this 3D latte art, and you will understand how artistic some baristas can be!

An Ejacu-Latte!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

3.Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend!

For those coffee freaks, there's no better friend than a cup of joe! Feeling tired? Coffee solves it. Having a bad headache? Coffee solves it too. Feeling sleepy at work? Coffee has a solution for it as well! If you love drinking coffee, it should definitely be one of the closer things to your heart. It never lets you down when you need it the most! "Hello darkness, my old friend…" is what you should be singing every time you have a cup of coffee in your hand!

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

4.Monday Morning Blues!

We all know how badly Mondays suck! Even though most of us can relate to Monday blues and woes, only coffee lovers are going to strike a chord with this picture! You have all the main types of coffee on display here in the picture, and the kettle in the middle just makes the whole setup perfect! Mondays are tough to handle, but then again, you shouldn't be drinking too much coffee just to beat them! Remember, drinking too much coffee is dangerous to health. And while, we are at it, do make sure to read our hilarious Monday morning memes to brighten your Monday.

Monday Morning Blues!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

5.Bitch Tea!

When you drink decaf, you are just drinking coffee for its taste, and nothing else! Coffee lovers absolutely hate the idea of decaffeination, and they see the whole idea barbaric. Without caffeine content, a coffee can't deliver the punch it is known to give. Reducing caffeine intake is good for health, but that doesn't mean decaf coffee is safe to drink. It has its own fair share of problems. Experts have linked caffeinated coffee with gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, etc.

Bitch Tea!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

6.The Problem Is Real!

"I always decline coffee dates. Because half way through my first cup, I always have to take a massive dump!" 
Most people who regularly drink coffee experience a slight stomach upset right after drinking a cup of joe, and that's pretty much normal. Medical professionals haven't found a solid reason behind the natural phenomenon, but they suspect coffee affects the outer layer of intestines, causing them to contract, forcing poop to come out. Well, whatever the reason may be, if coffee upsets your stomach, you better avoid going on coffee dates!

The Problem Is Real!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

7.Did You Forget The Coffee?

That's exactly how a coffee freak behaves if they don't get their hands on a cup, full of espresso or latte. We all have that one person in our families who can't survive without coffee, and they just look like this dog if they are deprived of a cup of joe. That's caffeine addiction, and beating it is tough. Withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, headache, anxiety, rage, etc. begin to kick in within a couple of hours after missing a dose of coffee. 

Did You Forget The Coffee?-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day



As a coffee enthusiast, sometimes, you may wonder how millions of people wake up, work, and function efficiently throughout the day despite not drinking coffee. That looks very weird to coffee lovers, just as this meme says! Remember, not all the people on Earth drink coffee, but a lot of them have alternative lifestyle habits such as drinking tea, sodas, etc. to pump up caffeine levels in their bodies!

Really?!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

9.Some Wise Words!

A healthy individual should drink no more than two to three cups of coffee a day considering the fact each cup of coffee has a caffeine count of somewhere between 120 mg to 150 mg. Permissible intake of caffeine per day is 500 mg, and anything beyond that leads to health problems in the future. As this meme illustrates, one must drink not only coffee but also vodka or any other alcoholic beverage conservatively. 

Some Wise Words!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day


10.I Need Coffee Now!!!

This is exactly what we are talking now. Too much coffee leads to caffeine dependency, and people find it extremely difficult to function normally without sipping coffee now and then. All the irritation, grogginess, etc. that we usually experience when we don't drink coffee is actually our body's response to caffeine deprivation. As said earlier, too much of anything is bad for health, be it coffee or alcohol. 

I Need Coffee Now!!!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

11.Coffee In The Afternoon Be Like

"Getting coffee in the afternoon is like eating that mushroom makes you big in Super Mario!" 
Technically, a person's energy levels should be at the maximum during the noon, but many of us find it the exact opposite! Things like the internet, social networking, smartphones, etc. have been spoiling our good night sleep. Most people aren't getting the minimum seven to eight-hour sleep a day, and as a result, they tend to feel very sleepy in the afternoon. Glad, we have coffee, and that's the best medicine to beat a sleepy noon!

Coffee In The Afternoon Be Like-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

12.I Want Coffee Now!

What about blue meth, Mr. Saul Goodman? Will that work for you?! Much to his disappointment, there aren't any good baristas in "Breaking Bad" or even "Better Call Saul." Walter White and Jesse are good at making meth; Gus Fring makes terrific fried chicken, and the show's drama queen, Skyler White, is a good hand at preparing breakfast! In fact, her breakfast is so damn good that you don't see Walter White Jr doing anything other than eating breakfast!

I Want Coffee Now!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day



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