15 Most Disgusting Yet Hilarious Cake Fails Ever

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 11:31 am
By:Tony Williams

Cakes are the center of attraction for a birthday, wedding day or any other celebration events. Cakes need not necessarily look like a standard cake. Many skilled and creative bakers are out there in the town ready to deliver you a cake exactly the way you want it. Color, shape, size... Whatever your requirement is, they transform your cake idea into a reality. Cartoon character themed cakes, animals, birds, or even human-shaped cakes are popular. Creativity is good. However, it has its own downsides too. Check these fifteen most disgusting cakes that can possibly kill your likeness towards cakes permanently! 
7.Eyeballs and fingers

What can be said about this cake that the image does not already tell you? Yes it is clearly well crafted, but in all honesty it does look a bit too well crafted. Where would you even start with eating this? Do you offer an eyeball first? Perhaps find out if people are an ear or a finger person? It really is well made, but could you even put some in your mouth?

Eyeballs and fingers-15 Most Disgusting Yet Hilarious Cake Fails Ever

8.Child delivery cake

If this cake doesn't make you want to run out and get pregnant, then congratulate yourself for being normal. Baby shower cakes are supposed to be cute, with a blue or pink theme. Instead this cake, which has to be homemade, makes me want to see my OBGYN so I can get my tubes tied. The cake is supposed to be a baby making its grand entrance into the world, but sadly the actual portal looks infected and diseased. The baker even decided to spruce the cake up a bit with pubic hair sprinkles. I do have to give it to the baker for being the first person, in history, to showcase a baby being born through a woman's butt.

Child delivery cake-15 Most Disgusting Yet Hilarious Cake Fails Ever

9.Toilet Cake

I would find this cake completely disgusting, if it were actually put together well. It's obvious this cake is supposed to be the after-effects of someone dealing with a bout of explosive diarrhea. Unfortunately, the baker missed the mark with this one on so many different levels. The bowl of the toilet is so shallow, that it's no wonder there's fecal matter all over the place. The poop looks more like chocolate drops instead of actual turds and the maggots look more like decapitated fingers.

Toilet Cake-15 Most Disgusting Yet Hilarious Cake Fails Ever