Funny Animal Fails

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020, 12:13 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.My Grill

This pub is super cool with his gold grill. Looking more like a rapper than a dog, this is what happens to good dogs with crazy owners. Thinking he looks dope, this little doggie has to walk around in dog world with a grill that makes him look like a thug.

My Grill-Funny Animal Fails

2.Fanny Dog

We've all heard of the fanny pack, but what about a fanny dog. It seems to be a cool way to carry your dog, but there is something wrong with this whole situation. Isn't she supposed to be walking her dog, not carrying it. That's the problem with small dogs, they become fashion items.

Fanny Dog-Funny Animal Fails

3.Marking My Territory

Puppies innately mark their territory. They don't know a good place from a bad place, or a bad place from a very bad place. This little one is making the laptop his own, literally, because after his little marking the laptop will be no good to anyone but him, making it his own little pee pad.

Marking My Territory-Funny Animal Fails


Cats are curious little creatures, that love to play, but it seems this kitty has misjudged his lunge, taking the ball right to the face. However, you can be sure that kitty just shook it off and played this game over and over and over again. Do cats really learn, or do they just find it fun to make the same mistakes over again

Misjudged-Funny Animal Fails

5.He's Got Balls

It's hard to determine what's funnier about this picture. The fact that the goat is hung upon the fence by his testicles, or the fact that his testicles are so huge. It seems it would be hard to walk with those things hanging between those skinny legs. How did they get so big?

He's Got Balls-Funny Animal Fails

6.Can't Get Out

Sometimes it's easier to get in than to get out, as this cow is realizing in this picture. With his ears blocking his regress, the cow is stuck in this structure, and for who knows how long. It's actually a sad occurrence that happens in nature to creatures without arms.

Can't Get Out-Funny Animal Fails

7.I'll Scratch Your Eyes Out

Cats can be fun and cuddly creatures, but you never know when they might strike. That's where the term catty comes from. One minute they like you, the next they're scratching your eyes out. It's hard to say why this cat has struck its owner, but you can bet a white fur ball was thrown across the room one second later.

I'll Scratch Your Eyes Out-Funny Animal Fails

8.Bad Hair Day

We've all had these days. We're having a bad hair day, munching on some food and some joker snaps a pic. Worse yet, they post it on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram for all to see. I am sure I've made that same face before the picture and when I saw the picture online.

Bad Hair Day-Funny Animal Fails

9.It Looks Real

Awww this is sad. Doggie seems to think this bowl of delicious dog food is the real thing. Dogs seems to have no sense of things that are flat versus 3D. This picture is so lifelike you can hardly blame the pooch, but without the smell, he might just be one canine short of a full load.

It Looks Real-Funny Animal Fails

10.Nice Doggy

This split second shot probably captures the last smile this pet owner gave her dog. It appears they were playing fetch with a frisbee, but the dog doesn't seem pleased that she has the frisbee instead of him. It would be great to see the next shot, he looks pretty fierce.

Nice Doggy-Funny Animal Fails

11.Got Boog

Since cows don't have fingers, they have no real way to pick a booger from their nose. Their tongues are the next best thing, and it appears this cow has quite a long one that can reach deep into his nose for those hard to find snots. Hey, we might want to give it a try, it would make sense that it moistens it make it easier to dislodge.

Got Boog-Funny Animal Fails

12.Dildo Dog

Be careful where you leave your sex toys or Fido might think they are one of his toys. Maybe you won't care, because you have another to spare, but if Grandma is visiting, it might not be so funny when Fido drop sit in her lap to play a game of fetch.

Dildo Dog-Funny Animal Fails



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