Funniest Shadow Bombs

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:05 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Passing by

This shows how easy it is for people just walking past to create a completely different shadow to what is actually going on. However, the best part is that the dog appears to have noticed it and is staring at the image, or perhaps it just likes the elephant.

Passing by-Funniest Shadow Bombs

2.Hands on

Well hopefully this was not intended to happen because it just makes the photograph even better and you would then have to stop and admire the skill of this photo bomb. However, can you really blame the person for wanting to do this with their shadow?

Hands on-Funniest Shadow Bombs

3.Nice legs

This one may take some time for you to work out, but then look at how hairy their legs are and it gives the game away. Yes this normal table has managed to turn this guy into a cross dresser with a pair of stockings on.

Nice legs-Funniest Shadow Bombs

4.Bad bridge

Well when this bridge was designed do you think that they stopped and thought about what kind of shadow it would create? From the looks of it the answer to that question is no they did not, but at least it did provide us with a funny picture to look at and laugh at the row of penis shadows that it makes.

Bad bridge-Funniest Shadow Bombs


How is it that this strange kind of art thing has managed to create a shadow that shows something completely different in the background? It just does not make sense, but you have to admit that the shadow is pretty good and you cannot help but laugh at it.

Rats-Funniest Shadow Bombs


Well these shadows are having the time of their life and it is clearly the photographer along with this girl posing that makes up the image in the background. However, surely the photographer must have noticed it and then turn around a bit?

Unfortunate-Funniest Shadow Bombs

7.The bride

Is this not getting a bit too formal with the bride? Whose hand is it anyway that is doing that to her? You have to admit that the actual placement is perfect and it is certainly going to give them a wedding photo that they will always remember.

The bride-Funniest Shadow Bombs

8.Big smiles

No wonder this guy is smiling here when you look at what that shadow is getting up to with him. It must have just finished off the wedding in fine style for him when this was how the night ended.

Big smiles-Funniest Shadow Bombs

9.Put your trash there

Well at first glance this looks completely innocent until you take a look at the shadow that it has created. You would have thought that the designer would have spent some time wondering how it would be seen in certain ways before it was put out onto the street and a penis shadow is something to be avoided.

Put your trash there-Funniest Shadow Bombs


You have to admit that this is looking quite obscene even though she is doing nothing out of the ordinary. Her shadow is having the time of its life while she is completely oblivious to it and instead is focusing on getting ready for a good night out.

Obscene-Funniest Shadow Bombs


Ok so this is rather unfortunate when you look at what they are spelling out considering they are just standing there. It is difficult to imagine how it could have been even worse than this, so we will just come to the conclusion that the shadow is trying to tell them what it thinks of them.

Unfortunate-Funniest Shadow Bombs

12.They are doing what?

This is an absolutely classic shadow bomb because even though what they are doing is completely innocent it does appear to be the case that their shadows have other ideas. As you can see they are having a nice little game, but their shadows are doing something completely different.

They are doing what?-Funniest Shadow Bombs



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