Funniest Looking Hippies

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 8:53 am
By:Tony Williams

1.A zombie hippy

This is what you call a zombie hippy and that is quite a scary and strange combination. What on earth is going on here and at what point do you start to think that these two things can go together?

A zombie hippy-Funniest Looking Hippies

2.The over the top female hippy

Yes ok so this is a fancy dress costume, but it is still over the top and will make you look silly rather than like a cool hippy. The afro wig also does not help at all, but at least when you go to a party you are going to stand out from the crowd.

The over the top female hippy-Funniest Looking Hippies

3.The hippy runner

This guy looks like a hippy that is in training for some kind of long distance run thanks to the sweatband on the forehead. He just looks so funny and other hippies would probably try and distance themselves from him as best they could.

The hippy runner-Funniest Looking Hippies

4.He looks confused

This is a teacher dressed up as a hippy and it just looks funny seeing one with that kind of facial hair. He also looks slightly surprised, so maybe he likes what he sees and this will be his new way of dressing?

He looks confused-Funniest Looking Hippies

5.The older hippy pic

This is a bit more like it because these are older style hippies, so they were going to be in the actual movement rather than just trying to look cool. However, the bum bag is not normal hippie attire and that is what makes this guy look funny.

The older hippy pic-Funniest Looking Hippies

6.Groovy hippies

What you see here are two old hippies that just love the entire lifestyle and have done for years. She may be old, but she is still doing the peace sign and you can just picture them chilling as best they can day after day.

Groovy hippies-Funniest Looking Hippies

7.Does he remember this pic?

The big question here is whether or not this guy even remembers having this photograph taken and there is a good chance that, in actual fact, he does not. This guy is just standing here completely spaced out.

Does he remember this pic?-Funniest Looking Hippies

8.The hippy dog

This has to be the coolest hippy that you have seen for a long time because yes it is of course hippy dog. The dreads are just superb on him and he just looks so relaxed and is a dog that you would probably love to own.

The hippy dog-Funniest Looking Hippies

9.A hippy clown

Did you ever think that you would see the day when there was a hippy clown standing in front of you? Probably not, but that day has come with this guy. At least he is going to stand out from the crowd and he has kept his red nose, so tradition is still there.

A hippy clown-Funniest Looking Hippies

10.Does she have a beard?

You just know that these two hippies do not have a care in the world and that they are completely happy with their life. However, they are still a bit strange, although at least they are not covered in bright colors like other ones.

Does she have a beard?-Funniest Looking Hippies

11.A bit over the top?

Is this not a bit over the top with the hippy outfit? Surely other hippies will look at this and wonder what is going on and whether or not the guy will ever stop adding things to his hippy outfit.

A bit over the top?-Funniest Looking Hippies

12.A hippy is ageless

What this shows is that hippies can be of any age and it is not just a young persons thing. This woman has probably been one for decades now, so why should she change her ways at all just because she is older?

A hippy is ageless-Funniest Looking Hippies



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