12 Funniest "When Boys" Tumblr Parodies/Memes

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 7:31 am
By:Tony Williams

Some time back, there was a Tumblr trend where girls would post "When Boys" memes that talk about the cute things boys usually do. For some reason, many boys didn't like the posts although the girls were sharing good things about them! They decided to end the terrible Tumblr trend with hilarious parodies so girls would stop making those memes. The parodies were so funny that all of them went viral on the internet. Girls, boys want you to talk about their muscles or machismo, not about their curly hair or hazel eyes! Peeps, check out 12 of the funniest "When Boys" Tumblr parodies found on the internet

#3 Older Up To A Point

Ahh yes the older man is something that a lot of girls love. However, as you can see there has to be an upper limit after which it just does not work out right as the bottom photograph shows.

Older Up To A Point-12 Funniest "When Boys" Tumblr Parodies/Memes