12 Funniest Wedding Last Name Combinations Ever

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 8:42 am
By:Tony Williams

Many families in the United States follow the tradition of announcing a wedding or engagement in newspapers. Although the internet nearly killed the practice, we continue to see such announcements in local newspapers even to this day. Generally, a wedding announcement starts with the combination of the last names of bride and groom; something like Wentz-Miller. Sometimes, such last name combos sound extremely hilarious. Have a look at 12 funniest wedding last name combinations that send you straight into an uncontrollable fit of laughter! 

#10 Wang Holder

Brad Holder probably never knew that one day his bride would have a name that went so perfectly with his. Anna on the other hand probably walked around with Wang jokes all her life. Little did they know that one day she would be his Wang Holder. It's strange how foreign names translate to English slang.

Wang Holder-12 Funniest Wedding Last Name Combinations Ever