12 Funniest US Town Names

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 2:36 pm
By:Tony Williams

If you are feeling hungry, drive to Sandwich, Massachusetts. From there, reach The Bottle, Alabama to grab a can of soda! Should you still feel hungry, drive all the way to Oatmeal, Texas. If your life has been crippled by some unanswered questions, you may find some answers in Why, Texas. Well, if you think you are aimlessly wandering the country, it's perhaps a good idea to stop at Why not, North Carolina on your way back to home! Oh yes, all these are the real names of some American towns, and go through the list to find more such funny US town names!

1.The Bottle, Alabama

Where do you live? I live in The Bottle. What?! The Bottle, Alabama should be one of the funniest entries on the topic. The history of this place dates back to the early 20th century. John F. Williams, the founder of Nehi Bottling Company, constructed a giant replica of an orange-colored Nehi soda bottle in 1920. The 65-foot tall bottle model became so popular that it used to be a hangout place for the locals. It was burned to ashes in 1936 for unknown reasons. Although the bottle no longer exists today, the place has managed to retain its name it got several decades back. The Bottle is located just on the outskirts of Auburn City, Alabama.

The Bottle, Alabama-12 Funniest US Town Names

2.Happyland, Oklahoma

Happyland is a very small town located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Despite having a cool name like Happyland, the town hardly has any people living there. The place is located just east of Ada, a small town that has a population of 16,000. Happyland is 42 miles away from Shawnee, which is the largest city in the region with a population of over 30,000. Konawa, Byng, and Allen are some of Happyland's closest neighboring towns. The small town is only known for its funny and distinctive name.

Happyland, Oklahoma-12 Funniest US Town Names

3.Greasy, Oklahoma

Greasy, Oklahoma is located in Adair County, Oklahoma with only 372 residents living on just 20.5 square miles. This small town is anything but Greasy, but more of a close knit community. It seems the people who live there stay there, and not many new people move in, making it desirable to those who love tradition and security.

Greasy, Oklahoma-12 Funniest US Town Names

4.Sandwich, Massachusetts

Sandwich, Massachusetts is named for the seaport of Sandwich, Kent, England. Settled in 1637, this down is now the oldest town on Cape Cod. It was where the early Quakers settled, but their beliefs clashed with the founding Puritans, who caused the Quakers to eventually leave.

Sandwich, Massachusetts-12 Funniest US Town Names

5.Oatmeal, TX

The first gristmill owner in Texas was a guy by the name of Mr. Othneil. It is believed that the town altered his name, calling the town Oatmeal. Other theories is that it was named for the Habermill, which in German Hafer means oats. Either way, the community of Oatmeal has been having an Oatmeal Festival since 1978.

Oatmeal, TX-12 Funniest US Town Names

6.Hell, Michigan

What the hell? Where did Hell, Michigan get its name? One version is that German travelers made the claim that it was "so beautifully bright," when they stepped of their stagecoach in the 1830's. Said in German, it's "so schon hell!" Another theory is that George Reeves was asked what the town should be called, and his reply was "you can name it Hell for all I care."

Hell, Michigan-12 Funniest US Town Names

7.Cranky Corner, Louisiana

Located in Tangipahoa Parish, Cranky Corner is not the home to cranky people, but rather a small town in Louisiana. It is unknown where the name came from, or how it came to be, but one thing is for sure. It is quiet and not a lot of tourists make Cranky Corner their destination.

Cranky Corner, Louisiana-12 Funniest US Town Names

8.Sweet Lips, Tennessee

Sweet Lips is a small and unincorporated community located in Chester County, Tennessee. Approximately, 100 people are living in the small town. There is no school or post office in Sweet Lips. There's one grocery store, and its name is Sweet Lips as well! The place got its name in the 18th century when European settlers drank water there and told the locals that the water is sweet to lips! The residents of the community are just seven miles away from Henderson, which is one of the major towns in the region.  Sweet Lips is one of the very few towns in Tennessee that have funny names. 

Sweet Lips, Tennessee-12 Funniest US Town Names

9.LoveLadies, NJ

In 1871, Thomas Lovelady owned a ten acre island in Ocean County, New Jersey. The small island sitting in the baby was referred to as Lovelady's and then eventually LoveLadies. With four access points to it's public beaches, there are sure to be lots of lovely Ladies lounging in the sun and waves.

LoveLadies, NJ-12 Funniest US Town Names


10.Loafers Glory, North Carolina

Loafers Glory, North Carolina doesn't mean that the towns people are lazy or that they wear loafers. It's a small town located on the banks of the North Toe River in Mitchell County that is proud of its heritage, and its name. Where it got such an odd name, no one knows.

Loafers Glory, North Carolina-12 Funniest US Town Names

11.Why, Arizona

Are you asking or telling, when you say Why, Arizona? Named for the Y intersection of two highways, this town sounds like a joke but isn't. Routes 85 and 86, both state roads, originally intersected where the town of Why is, and the town's founders named it Why versus just Y.

Why, Arizona-12 Funniest US Town Names

12.Boring, Oregon

Boring, Oregon was named after W.H. Boring in 1903. With eight thousand residents who love the town for its wineries and rose gardens, as well as biking and walking trails. Most interesting is that Boring is the home to Mount Hood, the highest peak in Oregon. So it seems this town is anything but boring.

Boring, Oregon-12 Funniest US Town Names



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