12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 8:34 am
By:Tony Williams

English is one of the most complex languages in the world. It is hard to learn and master. The most intricate element of the language is indeed its vocabulary and spelling. Getting familiar with English spellings is so difficult that even the native speakers get it wrong sometimes. One spelling mistake or a punctuation error can completely change the meaning of an entire sentence. English typos often make a sentence sound hilarious or embarrassing. Take a look at these 12 pictures that show funny typos and find out why they are amusing! 
1.New In Alarm Clocks

This could be a new and innovative way to wake up in the morning? Plus, make rising a little more pleasurable although do be careful as to how you switch it off in the morning.

New In Alarm Clocks-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

2.A One Size Fits All?

Perhaps all in-laws should be called bother-in-laws? Just makes life easier, since they are all bothersome it saves you demarcating who is who and you do wonder why we have not bothered to have this word before.

A One Size Fits All?-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

3.Ops Sorry!

Some typos can be removed in an instant, or even apologized for. Some however are for ever and you can just imagine the look on their face when they realize the mistake.

Ops Sorry!-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

4.Oh My!

This poor patient must have realized he had an issue when he just simply could not eat 'diarrhea'. That is a sure sign of something being wrong and surely the doctors could do something to help him?

Oh My!-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

5.You Have A What?

These guys protesting certainly have 'something', although no one is sure what? We are sure Martin Luther King will be turning in his grave at such a simple and basic error.

You Have A What?-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

6.The New Pubic School Should Delight Pupils

Then the pupils get blamed for their bad grammar and spelling. 'Tsk!'. This school also seems to have its primary focus a little off kilter. Surely somebody had their knuckles rapped for this?

The New Pubic School Should Delight Pupils-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

7.The Inflicted

One would imagine that not many people use this toilet? The criteria is just far too high for usage. Besides, who would you check with on your way in? A comma can make such a difference.

The Inflicted-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made


8.Well I Never!

Perhaps this was not a typo at all? Perhaps these two quarterbacks are 'sh!ts'? We will never know. Opposition teams might agree, but no matter what happens it does make for a funny typo.

Well I Never!-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made


Would you personally want your cards printed by this company? Probably not, when they show such little attention to 'detal'. Surely they have just shot themselves in the foot here?

Seriously?-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made


10.An Eye For An Eye?

One could argue that you mess with their stuff they will mess with yours? Definitely not a place you want to be caught shoplifting unless you are into that kind of thing.

An Eye For An Eye?-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

11.Trespassers Told For Once and For All

At least the owners of this sign are warning their hapless victims in advance. Perhaps this sign really works in keeping those pesky people off your property?

Trespassers Told For Once and For All-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made

12.The Towns Butt Crack Sheriff

One does expect a newspaper to set a precedence when delivering a story. This typo was simply the addition of an extra 't'. If this is not the case then Lamb is in trouble?

The Towns Butt Crack Sheriff-12 Funniest Typos Ever Made



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