15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 1:47 pm
By:James Fraser

Dads are really, really, cool, Aren't they? We all love our dads. If someone ever dislike their dad, it is because they are cooler than them and often dominate them with sarcasm, quick wit and a great sense of humor. Here are fifteen texts from smart, intelligent, dumb and all kinds of dads that make you laugh.
1.This Dad Hates Men

Damn autocorrect! Some autocorrect fails are so hilarious that they go viral on the internet. This is one of those autocorrect fail pictures. This time, it happened between a dad and his daughter. As you can see from the image, the dad there was thinking his daughter is a lesbian, as 'Laundry' was autocorrected as 'Lauren'.

This Dad Hates Men-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

2.Putting All the Blame on Wife

This is another funny conversation between a dad and his son or daughter. Once again, an autocorrect fail made it all look awkward and creepy. More than the typing mistake, it was that dad's response that makes us laugh. As you can read, he was unhappy that his wife hasn't taken his 'thing' out for a ride in years!

Putting All the Blame on Wife-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

3.This Dad With Great Sense of Humor

What's the best time to tease your kids? When they are scared and terrified! This dad knows how to deal with his kid who's afraid of moths. It looks like the kid was already afraid of a moth and After reading his dad's text, he would have got a heart attack. Dads with a good sense of humor are super cool.

This Dad With Great Sense of Humor-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

4.Another Dad With a Good Sense of Humor

Though the son or daughter there clearly looks like they were terribly disappointed by their dad's texts, they sure admire their dad for his quick wit. Dads like these are very popular in their children's friend circles. This dad doesn't mind throwing a joke or two at his son. What if his wife sees this message?

Another Dad With a Good Sense of Humor-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

5.Very Awkward Indeed

This dad has taken an autocorrect fail far too forward. Most dads usually cut the conversation or question back when they read a text like this. This dad, however, decided to continue the conversation bringing up his old memories. This was hilarious. The moment you read this text, you can't stop yourself from chuckling.

Very Awkward Indeed-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

6.This Dad Who Loves Pot

No one from the family knows that this dad smokes pot until this autocorrect error booked him. Remember, not all autocorrect fails are same! This dad was overexcited when he read about the word 'weed' from his son, and didn't even gave himself a second of time to think what could possibly go wrong there.

This Dad Who Loves Pot-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

7.So Many Twists and Turns

It takes time, but worth reading. We bet you will find more twists and turns in these texts than in a movie. 
1. That kid there has been hearing sounds, every night!
2. His brother is gay!
3. His dad confessed he does it in the mornings! 
Yes, that will be one awkward dinner indeed.

So Many Twists and Turns -15 Hilarious Texts From Dads


8.No More Butt...er For Him

This is yet another embarrassing text all dads hope they never send to their kids. This dad, however, was quick to spot the error and corrected to avoid embarrassment to some extent. However, that didn't stop him from entering into internet's hall of shame! This text went viral, and people have been laughing at this image including you!

No More Butt...er For Him-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

9.This Naughty Mom

This mother clearly knows how to make fun of his husband. Despite having many ways to tease him, she chose the most inappropriate one. As you can see, she texted her son from her husband's phone. Glad, the dad responded immediately. However, he couldn't stop this text from going viral.

This Naughty Mom-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads


10.When Dads Learn New Things

It is true that there are many dads who are not into this technology thing. Some of them don't even know how to use a smartphone correctly! Here in the image, you can see one of those dads who clearly missed his point. This is hilarious. 

When Dads Learn New Things-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads


At least he tried! He was close! All he needs to learn is using that space key, and we are sure that will not be a tough thing for him. People who tried and failed to teach their parents to use smartphones can relate. This dad was featured in our list because he couldn't figure out a space key. We hope to see him soon with some of his autocorrect fails!

AnotherFunnyDadsText-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

12.Catching up With Technology at Sloth's Pace

This is yet another funny dad's text that makes you laugh. As you can see in the picture, the dad there was inquiring about a 5 day old missed call. Isn't it really funny to ask someone if they wanted something five days ago? Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in knowing.

Catching up With Technology at Sloth's Pace-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

13.I Want a Coffee First

Never use words like 'sup' while texting your parents unless they are knowledgeable enough to understand them. There are people who think 'gf' stands for genital follicles! As you can see from the image, that dad thinks 'sup' stands for soup. Apparently, this dad thought his son was suggesting him some soup.

I Want a Coffee First-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

14.Text Sent to Wrong Person

This could have gone horribly wrong had he sent that message to his daughter instead. This dad was a little lucky to have a calm and understanding son, who doesn't really react wildly to an awkward message. This picture is another proof why dads need to polish their texting skills.

Text Sent to Wrong Person-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads

15.Another Dad Who Texted to Wrong Person at Wrong Time

This text too could have gone horribly wrong if this dad sent that message to someone else other than his daughter. Thanks to his daughter, who is always ready to take advantage of situations, for saving him. That was indeed a great deal for that girl who managed to get many things including a tablet with pink keyboard!

Another Dad Who Texted to Wrong Person at Wrong Time-15 Hilarious Texts From Dads



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