12 Funniest Nipple Tattoos Ever Done On Humans

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 12:51 pm
By:Tony Williams

People do tattoo their eyes, so these nipple tattoos aren't a big deal. An ordinary person may find nipple tattoos weird, but the body art freaks absolutely love them. Given its shape, size, and location on the human body, a nipple allows a tattoo artist to be creative in numerous ways. Take a look at these 12 funny nipple tattoos that are outrageously brilliant. On one hand, they appear cringeworthy. On the contrary, we can't help ourselves but appreciate their creativity! Don't ask us if there are any girls on the topic! Jump in and check it for yourself.

#8 Hang On In There Buddy

Quick!! A man is desperately hanging from a nipple!! He is clinging on for his dear life!!! Talk about drama and all because you felt like having your nipple pierced.

Hang On In There Buddy-12 Funniest Nipple Tattoos Ever Done On Humans