15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:46 am
By:James Fraser

A career in journalism has always been an exciting one. You would be paid to visit places, talk to people, report latest happenings, and even interview famous personalities. Imagine you were a news reporter, and you have to do the public speaking on a daily basis with millions watching you speak live on television! We guess the very idea of becoming a news reporter would give you goosebumps now! Even if you were the world's best news reporter, there would always be an idiot to ruin your day at work! Check these 15 funniest and outrageous news bloopers ever, and know why a reporting job is no joke!
1.This Highly Patient Journalist

If you want to excel in journalistic career, you got to be very patient. You need to prepare yourself to deal most awkward, bizarre and funny situations. This picture is a proof why Earth never runs of out funny and stupid people! If you were that news reporter, how would you react to that situation?

This Highly Patient Journalist-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

2.This Angry Reporter

We have just talked about patience, right? This is exactly how journalists will be when they lose their cool. A news reporter job can be very frustrating at times. As a reporting journalist, you need to stay calm and composed all the time. If you lose your patience, you end up featuring in a viral video!

This Angry Reporter-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

3.She is Slowly Getting Used to Interruptions

If you are a news reporter, and if you are reporting news live from field, there is every chance that someone will try to interrupt you or mock you from behind. It is the camera-person who notices weird things happening on your back first, and you understand it from camera-person's expressions. This news reported failed to catch hints, and startled when she saw a man back of her.

She is Slowly Getting Used to Interruptions-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

4.Oops, That Was Unexpected

Be there before everyone else! Journalists work in a fast paced environment. At times, too many things happen in a single day that requires them to be at many places in little time. Reporters are always in a hurry. When you are in a hurry, mistakes happen! Check this journalist who nearly drowned the old man there.

Oops, That Was Unexpected-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

5.This News Presenter Fail

Let's talk about news readers/presenters. Their job is challenging than reporters. News readers need to have impeccable concentration. As most of them read news live on TV, there is a greater chance of their mistakes being broadcast to public. Check this news presenter who tripped and fell on floor.

This News Presenter Fail-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

6.This Reporter Who Became a Stunts Person in the End

Some news reporters are over-enthusiastic. This is the reason why many people hate them. From reporters' perspective, reporting a news or event is their job, and they will do anything or go any place just to do that. At times, they get dangerously closer to things just to get that perfect video.

This Reporter Who Became a Stunts Person in the End-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

7.This Funny Live TV Blooper

You need be very watchful when you are on live TV! If something goes wrong, the whole city, state or even country will witness it. Since most of the news channels air live news and debates, there is little chance for editors to cover up. Check this funny moment where a lady fell down trying to shake hands with another person.

This Funny Live TV Blooper-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever


8.This Funny News Reporter

Don't try to make animals talk to you; that too on live TV! It's not going to happen. This reporter, who was trying to be nice with a sheep, got hit by it in the end. Sheeps are aggressive. You can't always pet them like how you pet cats or dogs.  This funny clip once again shows us how life can be tough if you are a journalist.

This Funny News Reporter-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

9.Excuse Me Sir, Could You Please Spare a Minute to Talk to Me?

This is a regular sight if you frequently watch news channels. You see reporters running and chasing celebs, politicians or even normal people. Those people always try hard to get away from them without answering their questions. In this funny clip, you can see a news reporter hitting a pole, while he had all his focus on that man.

Excuse Me Sir, Could You Please Spare a Minute to Talk to Me?-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever


10.Let's Show Some Reptiles to Our Viewers

News presenters just read out what editors or news writers write. They are good at that. However, being a news presenter doesn't guarantee extra bit of knowledge or smartness more than that of an average person's. It all looked fine and great until that lizard flew off and hung on to reporter's coat!

Let's Show Some Reptiles to Our Viewers-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

11.When Python Finds its Lost Baby

Being a journalist has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: as you can seen from the clip, are those that takes you to every place in the city where an interesting event is going on. Disadvantages? Just like this guy, you may not control yourself from trying weird things to double up your channel's ratings!

When Python Finds its Lost Baby-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever


12.This Sports Blooper

If you watch basketball, you should identify this guy. James Bates was a former basketball player, currently works for CBS Sports Network as announcer. Check this funny video of him falling down and crashing on hardwood, as the stool he was sitting on was broken. Ouch, that must have hurt!

This Sports Blooper-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

13.Pants Down on a Live TV

We have already talked about interruptions. Some interruptions, however, are extreme! Pranksters or people who are just stupid are always there and ready to mess up things, when you are reporting news live from field. Check this hilarious clip of a random stranger pulling down a reporter's pants.

Pants Down on a Live TV-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

14.This Sweet Mother and Daughter Blooper

This incident happened on Medi 1 TV, which is a Moroccan state owned news broadcasting channel. The reporter's daughter interrupted her while she was reading out news. The little girl interrupted her mom to give her cell phone. When the girl realized she is on live TV, her expression was priceless! 

This Sweet Mother and Daughter Blooper-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever

15.This Reporter Who Just Got Her Soul Sucked

Besides celebrities, journalists too grab great bit of attention from public when they are on streets doing their job! Some people can't stop themselves from messing with reporters. They act funny and do all sorts of bizarre things on live TV. Here in the picture, you can see an old man kissing a news reporter live. 

This Reporter Who Just Got Her Soul Sucked-15 Funniest News Bloopers Ever



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