12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever

Saturday, Mar 21, 2020, 6:45 am
By:Tony Williams

Imagine you were Bill Gates. You are the world's richest person. You own the world's most dominant software company. Everything's great, but there's one thing that makes your company a laughing stock to millions. Oh yes, we are talking about the Internet Explorer browser! What would you do to make the Internet Explorer people's favorite browser? Forget it; it will never happen! Microsoft has been trying its best to make Internet Explorer a better browser and stop it from being a butt of all jokes on the web. Take a look at these 12 funny Internet Explorer memes to see how badly people mock IE on the internet!

#3 Million Dollar Question

Internet Explorer is on this list of choices, along with other web browsers, only the question asks which one is NOT a web browser. This woman looks young enough to have never used Internet Explorer, so she will probably choose that as her final answer, and win the question.

Million Dollar Question-12 Funniest Internet Explorer Memes Ever