12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:37 am
By:Tony Williams

A picture speaks a thousand words. It can make people feel happy, sad, shocking, and even scared based on what's there in the image. Photos tell us stories. They preserve the memories. Have you tried seeing your old photos recently? Do that. You will feel better. Some of them may even inspire you. Look out; you may find some demotivating pictures too! We keep seeing cute and inspirational pictures online, so why not take a look at the negative side? Check 12 funny demotivational pictures that kill can anyone’s fervor right away!

How demotivational or motivational this result was depends. It depends on whether Tyra Banks was doing the search of course! Photograph verydemotivational.com

Seriously?-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

2.No Thanks!

Perhaps Banana Republic add the bulge in the pants? That way you come across as a suave well dressed sophisticated guy with a hard-on. Er, banana?

No Thanks!-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

3.A Non Private Affair

It's just unfair. Who said being a guy was easier? At least you can hide your transgressions and mishaps. Unless of course someone takes a photo of them and sticks it all over the Internet. Photograph demotivatingposters.com

A Non Private Affair-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

4.You Can't Win

You ban Internet, boys that look dodgy, you frisk their friends and check their reading material. Then you realize that gummy bear is after them. Photograph verydemotivational.com

You Can't Win-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

5.Life Sucks!

You buy them drinks, chat them up, spend hours complimenting them, you panic when one goes missing then you find her. Finally your friend snaps your photo on their mobile. You look like a total stud, a total player and some ass-hole dude in the background picks his nose at that exact moment. Man! Life sucks. Photograph motivatedphotos.com

Life Sucks!-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

6.Hanging In

In life we search for something better. We hang in there knowing that things can and do change. That hardship is not forever and one day the sun will shine again. That is what keeps us going, even during hard times like war. One wonders what this guy kept going though.

Hanging In-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

7.Girl Pout

Girls are hot. A cup of coffee too is hot. Guess what's not hot? Yes, a girl's pout! Most girls pose for the cameras with a pout or a duckface. Most men find pout ugly, and yet girls continue posing with a pout, not giving a flying f*ck to what men think! This Photoshopped picture is hilarious. Apparently, it has a cure for the duckface malady! Shove something in their mouth and keep it busy! It seems duckface trend is slowly fading off, and the pout style called fishface is quickly taking over the world! 

Girl Pout-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever


8.Chasing Tail

They say a leopard never changes its spots. You just have to lift its tail and there is a spot under there. This former president sure would like to lift her tail by the looks of it.

Chasing Tail-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

9.What's The Point?

What is the Point? You are nude you are in a bush, duh! This Nudist Colony sure takes the sunny part out of it.

What's The Point?-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

10.Poor Doggy

At least you and your pooch have something in common. Hopefully your doggy breath clears up by mid morning. He is just doggy breathed all day long.

Poor Doggy-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

11.Grin And Bare It

You get so close but its just too far. Oh well, they say the friend zone sucks, but hey at least somebody likes you in some way. Photograph verydemotivational.com

Grin And Bare It-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever

12.Our Little Princess

Millions of hours preparing school lunches, school fees, braces, homework and choosing pretty wall paper for her room. Now your little princess is all grown up. Was it all worth it?

Our Little Princess-12 Funniest Demotivational Pictures Ever



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