Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:10 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Secret Soup of the Day

This restaurant likes to keep their customers guessing. This sign is clever and funny. Not telling customers what your 'Soup of the Day' is, is a great way to lure them in and get them to sit down and eat. Of course the restaurant runs the risk of having you walk out when you do discover the special, but a little secredy never hurt anyone.

Secret Soup of the Day-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

2.Beer Soup?

Judging by the wine glasses, and beer bottles, this is sign was not created by a place that specializes in soup. Chances are, this place probably doesn't even serve food. If you like alcoholic drinks, you'd probably see beer as a food goup, but to the rest of us, it is not.

Beer Soup?-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

3.Vodka Soup

This establishment really wants you to know their 'Soup of the Day.' Too bad the "soup" they're advertising isn't real. Sure vodka can put hair on your chest and warm you up faster than a fireplace on a snowy day. But it's not hearty, or healthy like a bowl full of soup.

Vodka Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

4.Don't Steal My Sign

This restaurant owner is a little more than fed up. Instead of giving you the 'Soup of the Day,' like most restaurants use their chalkboard for, they went In a different direction. This establishment's 'Soup of the Day' is a message to inform others not to steal their sign again. And you know they're serious since they wrote 'again' in all caps.

Don't Steal My Sign-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

5.Chowda Soup of the Day

When every other promotion technique fails, just use a Simpsons character to promote your item. If you're not a Simpsons fan you probably won't understand this sign. This sign references a Simpsons episode, where a random character named Freddy attempted to get a French waiter to say 'Chowder' correctly. Of course Freddy winds up saying 'Chowda' due to his accent. It's not one of the best Simspson episodes, but its memorable to fans.

Chowda Soup of the Day-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

6.Guinness Soup

Something tells me that Maggie would not be too happy with Guinness Beer being the 'Soup of the Day' at her establishment. You can get beer just about anywhere these days, so this sign isn't anything special or unique. It's funny that Maggie looks so sophisticated, but her place is serving supermarket beer.

Guinness Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

7.Tequila Soup

Tequila is one of those beverages that is so strong that it should be consumed in either 'shot form' or mixed into another drink. Drinking a large glass of tequila isn't too smart. If someone were to drink (or consume) an entire bowl full of tequila, their- next stop will more than likely be the emergency room.

Tequila Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

8.No Specials

Restaurants are supposed to make each and every one of its customers feel special. This restaurant, however, does not follow that concept in any shape or form. Don't expect a 'Soup of the Day' here, or any special treatment for that matter. The good thing about this sign is that customers will know what they're getting themselves into before they even step foot into the restaurant.

No Specials-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

9.Burger Soup

Unless you're toothless or can't eat solids, this soup would not appeal to you. The great thing about a nice juicy burger is that it has different layers you can enjoy all at once. If you emulsify a burger, you're taking away its essence. Of course this sign was done in jest, but they should never joke about messing with a burger's true form.

Burger Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

10.Recycled Soup

This restaurant either has an abundance of soup or they don't have many customers. Soups of the Day are supposed to be just for that day. Recycling the same 'spotlight soup' just makes it seem like the restaurant is using stale ingredients. Make sure you bring some Tums when you go to this restaurant.

Recycled Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

11.Enemy Tears Soup

No one wants to eat salty tears. This 'Soup of the Day,'"The Tears of Our Enemies," sounds like something a dictator or colonel would say after a battle. In fact some world leaders take delight in making and seeing their enemies' cry, so this would probably be a popular soup if it were real.

Enemy Tears Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs

12.Whiskey Soup

If people really viewed Whiskey as soup, then there would be a lot of intoxicated people roaming around. Whiskey is a drink that you sip, so it could be put into a bowl and eaten like soup. However, slurping something with such a high alcohol content will probably burn your throat quicker than hot soup.

Whiskey Soup-Funniest 'Soup Of The Day' Signs



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