12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:50 am
By:Tony Williams

You see a lot of all ill-matched couples on TV shows, particularly sitcoms. Don't you? It has become a kind of tradition that at least one couple on a show should look awkward, with the wife being skinny and smoking-hot, and husband looking like a blobfish! Think of any popular sitcom wife, and we bet she looks gorgeous! We also bet she has a fat or ugly guy as a husband. It seems like the society, media or people find it acceptable for a fat guy to be in the lead role, but not a fat woman to play the same! How often do you see fat women in TV shows, playing lead or serious roles? The ill-matched couples are not just limited to live-action sitcoms; you can find them even on animated shows! Let's not go deeper into the subject, but quickly check these 12 greatest fat guys - hot wife couples on TV shows. 

#11 Bill & Judy Miller - Still Standing

Still Standing is one of the best modern sitcoms. The TV series highlights the life of a working class couple Bill & Judy Miller. Bill Miller is a salesperson at a toilet store. Judy is a dental assistant. The couple were high school sweethearts. Together, they have three children.   
Bill Miller is a fat guy. He is neither a handsome guy nor has a smart mind. However, he woos and lures Judy into marrying him. Judy, on the other hand, is a beautiful woman. People received the show well, but a few people complained that the makers of the show were trying to make fat men more acceptable in the society, but not fat women. 
Mark Addy and Jami Gertz played the Bill and Judy Miller characters respectively.  

Bill & Judy Miller - Still Standing-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows