Faces On Objects

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:43 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Evil Grin

Which is more scary? A wolf in lamb's clothing or a demon dressed up like a purple flower?

Evil Grin-Faces On Objects


'Yep, I love flying, I really do. Plus, I am so nice and red and clean, lemme just get this booger then we can go!'

Picky-Faces On Objects


The little Granny Smith apple stared out from her bonnet looking rather sad and suddenly the chef realized this one wasn't going to make the apple pie.

Awe!-Faces On Objects

4.The Simple Life

'Yep I like cheese. Mhm! Cheese is good. Yummy I could eat cheese all day and night' The grater pauses for thought. ' I don't mind onions either, yes onions are great!'

The Simple Life-Faces On Objects

5.Tough Chair

'What do you mean, what is it like being a chair?'. It's tough, 'It's boring. I get to see the same old butt swing past me every day. You get to watch a lot of TV though so it ain't all bad'.

Tough Chair-Faces On Objects


When practising for his part in the latest horror epic the eager barn practices his scream for the tenth time. Do you think he has perfected it yet?

Scary-Faces On Objects

7.Grilled and Burned

'Aaah! They lied, they didn't say we'd have to go under the grill!' The last sad and tortured moments of two green peppers.

Grilled and Burned-Faces On Objects

8.Evil Is Everywhere!

'You didn't expect to find me in here did you?'. Evil grin. Would you go and eat this onion now?

Evil Is Everywhere!-Faces On Objects

9.Baby Plane

Look at me, if I flap my wings really, really hard I can get up into the sky'. This little plane is probably loved by all the other big mommy and daddy planes in the sky!

Baby Plane-Faces On Objects

10.Alarm Bells

'Sigh, yes, it is 5am and I also have a long day ahead of me'. This is not exactly the most charming alarm clock to wake up to!

Alarm Bells-Faces On Objects

11.Cheeky Muffin

'Fine! Eat me! See if I care. I've had a hard life being battered and stirred up. Then I land up here. What was the point of it all?'. This muffin has a lot to say before he finally is chewed up and hopefully not spat out.

Cheeky Muffin-Faces On Objects

12.Here I am!

They say to get your day going and make it as successful as possible you have to wake up and eat the frog first. It does help when you find the frog floating in your coffee.

Here I am!-Faces On Objects

13.The Scream

Finally the shoes were turned over and the secret was out. The 'Scream' was seen in an instant. The scream that all shoes suffer due to stinky feet, but have managed to hide for centuries.

The Scream-Faces On Objects



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