15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:43 am
By:James Fraser

Back in those days when Yahoo was ruling the Internet, the cyber giant had introduced numerous online initiatives. Yahoo Answers was one of them. It has been serving people since its inception in 2005 by helping people to get quick answers to their questions or general inquiries. Yahoo Answers has this bad reputation of hosting too many low-IQ and pathetic questions and answers on its website. It's now the time to check 15 of those dumbest Yahoo Questions ever asked. Yahoo was once valued at more than $100 billion, but Verizon has recently acquired it in a meager $5 billion tech deal!
13.Calories in Boogers

We are not sure of calorific information of boogers, but they are not going to cause you any weight gain. In fact, most of us ingest mucus unknowing through the back of our nose. However, eating boogers is a bad and awkward behavior from social and medical perspectives. Nose-picking habit can damage nose lining or sometimes even destroy soft cartilage inside the nose.

Calories in Boogers-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

14.This Person Who Couldn't Lay an Egg

Congrats to this guy for becoming the first person in the world to experience what it feels like to lay an egg! As you can read from the picture, he or she says they have inserted a hardboiled egg up in their butt. So, if you are to answer this question, what would be your answer? We suggest this person to see a doctor and get admitted in birth ward immediately!

This Person Who Couldn't Lay an Egg-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

15.Right Age to Teach Sex to a Dog

Luckily, dogs don't need sex education, Do they? This woman was trying to know when she can start teaching her dog about sexual education. As a guy who surfs the internet all day, I am pretty sure she is onto something weird stuff.

Right Age to Teach Sex to a Dog-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe