15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:43 am
By:James Fraser

Back in those days when Yahoo was ruling the Internet, the cyber giant had introduced numerous online initiatives. Yahoo Answers was one of them. It has been serving people since its inception in 2005 by helping people to get quick answers to their questions or general inquiries. Yahoo Answers has this bad reputation of hosting too many low-IQ and pathetic questions and answers on its website. It's now the time to check 15 of those dumbest Yahoo Questions ever asked. Yahoo was once valued at more than $100 billion, but Verizon has recently acquired it in a meager $5 billion tech deal!
4.Spaghetti Stains on Underwear

We are all curious to know how that person got stains of spaghetti on his white underwear. He or she was probably eating spaghetti while dressed only in underwear. We aren't sure if the person is referring to poop stains. Either way, our suggestion would be simple. Clean it just like how you clean your stained clothes, or buy a new underwear.

Spaghetti Stains on Underwear-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

5.This Lady Whose Vagina Smells Like Chlorine and Death

Every Hoo-ha has its odor. When something goes wrong inside, vaginas smell bad.  We hear about women complaining about fishy vaginal odor, or odor that smells like garlic or rotten eggs. This lady did sound little weird because she said her vagina smells like chlorine and death! (?) If vajayjays start smelling bad, you should consult a doctor instead of asking help from a community, as foul smell could be an indication of an infection.

This Lady Whose Vagina Smells Like Chlorine and Death-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe

6.This Endless Madness

He sounds like he was on a real bad acid trip. He or his friend can never get high doing such insane things. But It's the other way around. They tend to do weird and stupid acts like these only when they get really, really, high. So the real answer to the question is simple. You know the answer as well. If someone injects poop in their eye, they are going to have a massive eye infection and may well lose their eye.

This Endless Madness-15 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Cringe