15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 7:10 am
By:James Fraser

If being dumb were a religion, these 15 stupid people would probably qualify to be called saints of it! For us, they are clearly the dumbest humans in the world. Hey, it's okay to be a dim-witted person. The real reason why we hate brainless people is that they consistently deny opportunities to learn, and continue to dwell in their dreary and ignorant world. Guess what? They think everyone around them is a fool! Check these 15 instances when thickheaded people publicly demonstrated their dumbness! 
4.Where Did You Hear About it?

Someone from the 'dumb club' could have told him to use microwave to charge his phone. This dumb fellow tried it only to burn his phone. Welcome to the real world; where phone chargers power cell phones, and microwaves cook food! This isn't just dumb, this is plain stupidity at display! 

Where Did You Hear About it?-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

5.This Has Come Straight from a Press Reporter

Huffington Post reporter Ryan. J. Reilly has tweeted this image during Ferguson unrest, asking people to confirm if they are rubber bullets. Dear reporter, they are not rubber bullets! They are used earplugs! As you are a reporter, you should have known the difference between a rubber bullet and an earplug. This is funny!

This Has Come Straight from a Press Reporter-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

6.The Dumb Queen

1. Sperm don't sleep at night. Sperm is something that doesn't sleep at all.
2. You can't be called virgin, just because you don't get pregnant from sex.
3. You are not smart.
4. You are just dumb.
End of the story.

The Dumb Queen-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See