12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 11:33 am
By:Tony Williams

Did you know soap bar was invented in 2800 BC by ancient Egyptians? Since then, millions around the world have been using soap to clean dust, dirt, and germs off their bodies. Although many people have switched to using body washes and shower gels lately, soap bars are still the most popular way of taking a bath. Most soap bars are square or rectangular. Round or oval shaped bathing bars are not uncommon. What many of us don't know is that there exists a million dollar creative soap bar industry, and it only manufactures soaps in unconventional shapes and sizes. Take a look at 12 funny and creative soap bars that make you feel like buying one right now!
1.Razor Blade Soap

We have all heard the stories of razor blades being hidden in apples during Halloween. The stories aren't real, but they still freaked many children and parents out some time back. It looks like these razor blade soap bars bring back those nightmares! Yes, that is a real razor blade inside the soap. The edges of the blade are not dulled either. The soap is one of the many weirdest things that are on sale on Etsy. It is just a fun gag gift. The seller listed these soaps as decorative items, and warned buyers not to use them as real bathing bars!

Razor Blade Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

2.Felted Egg Shaped Soap

These wonderfully colorful eggs look like they belong in a basket instead of in the shower. Felted soap with a multitude of vibrant colors; pinks, blues, yellows, purples and orange. A beautiful display for any bathroom, However, don't let the kids at them though, they are too pretty to use.

Felted Egg Shaped Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

3.Bacon Soap

Men seem to love bacon. For whatever reason they are willing to eat it anytime, anywhere. And the smell of bacon is even more intoxicating. So why not have the entire shower smell like bacon while he gets clean, and even more exciting, have him smell like breakfast. All you need is some eggs.

Bacon Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

4.Weener Kleener Soap

Now this is a soap you have to be careful with. Some guys may slide right in, while for others it may be a snug fit. However, there is no real danger here, if it gets stuck, all he has to do is keep it under the water until it washes away. A fun gag gift for those who want a cleaner wiener.

Weener Kleener Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

5.Coal Felted Soap

What a cute idea for those on the naughty list. Coal felted soap is only for those who Santa has decided deserve nothing but coal. A great gift to honor those on your list who live their lives to their own drumbeat, not afraid to dare to push the envelope and be a little naughty.

Coal Felted Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

6.Stars & Hearts Soap

Homemade soap can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hearts and stars seem to be a favorite, in a multitude of colors. These soaps can be used as decorative items in the bathroom, or can be used in the shower, but they are too cute to melt away.

Stars & Hearts Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

7.Human Fetus Soap Bar

So what happens as you use this soap. Is the fetus born? A strange but oddly beautiful soap bar. A fetus still encased in the placenta that you can hold in your hand. More of a novelty soap than something that you would use in the shower, the detail is magnificent.

Human Fetus Soap Bar-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

8.Lego Soap

This soap looks more like a Lego than a bar of soap, but this is a great massaging soap. The nodules are great for massaging cellulite or any sore spots in the body while in the shower. Excellent for an invigorating start to the day or a relaxing end before bed.

Lego Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

9.Swirl Soap

Looking more like fudge than soap, it looks good enough to eat. These soap bars are home made and can be made into any shape with cookie cutters. Making your own soap can be fun and actually a more natural way to clean your body than commercial soap that can contain drying chemicals.

Swirl Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

10.Gay Bar

This soap is either really happy, or reserved exclusively for those who aren't afraid to get down and dirty. This soap pays homage to the film the Fight Club, with the pink soap bar being a significant part of the story. A fun gift for those who fight to be who they are.

Gay Bar-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

11.iPhone Soap

Some people really love their phone so much they want to see replicas of it everywhere they go ... even in the shower. This iPhone soap is too cool to use, with every detail of the iPhone emblazoned on the front. Would you really want to wash with black soap, though?

iPhone Soap-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars

12.Dirty Girl

Dirty girls need soap too. A great soap for a fun girl. The more she uses it the words disappear and the cleaner she gets. Pretty pink and yellow, with the words outlined, it makes a fun gift. Most girls won't even want to use it, instead choosing to display for all to see.

Dirty Girl-12 Hilarious And Creative Soap Bars



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