Best Prank Videos Ever

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 12:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The real waterbed

This prank took some setting up, but it was undoubtedly worth it when you see the reaction when she goes to lie down. Let's just say she was not expecting this to happen when she walked into the room.

The real waterbed-Best Prank Videos Ever

2.Jet ski prank

Well there are no prizes for guessing what is going to happen with this prank as you have a jet ski, some water, and a guy sitting on a chair. The way in which he just vanishes from view is hilarious though and it is undoubtedly a prank you are going to laugh so much at.

Jet ski prank-Best Prank Videos Ever

3.Superman prank

There are several of these pranks posted online because they are actually very easy to do. All it needs is somewhere quiet and in public, a superman outfit, some tear away clothes, and a phone. The phone rings, you shout out you are on your way, rip off your clothes, and watch the reaction.

Superman prank-Best Prank Videos Ever


4.Funny couch prank

Apparently this is retaliation for a prank that the guy she is scaring did to her earlier on. She does the simple hide in the couch prank, but it is his reaction after the initial part of being scared that is the funniest part.

Funny couch prank-Best Prank Videos Ever

5.Astronaut golf

The concentration as you line up the putt is so important, so that does then mean that if an astronaut appeared it would be off-putting wouldn't it? That is certainly the case here and even though it is an old movie it is still a good prank.

Astronaut golf-Best Prank Videos Ever

6.The vanishing door

This prank is very well thought out and you have to congratulate the people behind it for being so creative. People walk in a door, are distracted, and when they go to leave again they encounter something that they were not expecting.

The vanishing door-Best Prank Videos Ever

7.The smoking baby

Obviously there is no actual baby in the pram, but at the same time the noises and the actions coming from inside will easily make people think otherwise. This is a simple prank using a few bits of technology and the result is something that is very funny indeed.

The smoking baby-Best Prank Videos Ever

8.Floating toilet

Imagine the relief when you see a toilet and you are desperate to pee. You will not even notice that it is next to some water as you are too focused on getting that relief. Imagine how you then feel when you walk back out and you are in the middle of a pond.

Floating toilet-Best Prank Videos Ever


This kid decides to play a prank on people in Miami by pretending to be dead outside a mall. As you can imagine it results in some great reactions from people walking by, so look out for the PRANK kid pretends to be dead video.

dead-Best Prank Videos Ever

10.Scream prank revenge

After you have had a prank played on you there is nothing better than trying to get your own back, but there is absolutely no guarantee that things will go the way that they should. This video is a prime example of this and you should check out the No, No, No revenge video to see why.

Scream prank revenge-Best Prank Videos Ever

11.No. No. No

This prank is seriously funny even though the premise of it is so simple. Basically, one guy scares the other with the Scream mask when he comes out of the shower, but it ends with him screaming out NO followed by him sprinting down the road in just his towel.

No. No. No-Best Prank Videos Ever


This prank video is absolutely hilarious because this big guy ends up screaming like a girl when he realizes what is behind him. His reaction is absolutely priceless and you just know that he would not have lived his reaction down for some considerable length of time.

Scream-Best Prank Videos Ever



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