Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:45 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.That is how you clean the street

Well the Swedes are famous for not being prudish, but surely this is taking it a bit far when it comes to sweeping the street? Surely frostbit is a distinct possibility and you do not want to have that on those parts of your body.

That is how you clean the street-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

2.Still able to dine out

Well some snow is not enough to stop the Swedes from dining outside because surely this is just like a summers day to them? Hey one guy is even just wearing a shirt and boy is he a brave soul?

Still able to dine out-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

3.That snow has got deeper

Well that snow really has got deeper and this guy appears to be in a spot of bother as well. You just better hope that he is not a giant or you have a lot of digging.

That snow has got deeper-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

4.Maybe you are not that scary

If this photograph is supposed to intimidate people, then they have kind of failed with it. Instead, all you see is a guy in pink pants and with a pink club striking a pose, and that is not exactly going to scare us.

Maybe you are not that scary-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

5.Car jumping

You certainly need to have your wits around you in Sweden because you can end up with this kind of thing happening. Imagine the shock you would be in if this happened right in front of you, how good would your reactions be?

Car jumping-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

6.Check out the horns

The Swedes just do not seem to care about what others think about them or how they look and this photograph is an absolutely prime example of that. It tells you a lot when the horns are about the most normal thing.

Check out the horns-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

7.He did what??

This is one of those stories where you just feel that it cannot be true and you are then shocked when you discover that it is. Imagine being run over by someone on a Segway because how fast were they going on it in the first place?

He did what??-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

8.Animals having a bath

You see in Sweden you get various kinds of animals, but it is nice to see that they are animal lovers and even provide them with a bath so they can have a nice wash. OK it is a kids pool, but it is still being put to good use.

Animals having a bath-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

9.It's just a bit of snow

They are clearly a hardy bunch in Sweden because these two chicks certainly do not seem to have any kind of a problem in being out there in their bikini. Boy they must make them tough in that country to allow them to withstand that cold.

It's just a bit of snow-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

10.What a police force

Well this is what you call a police force and if all police looked like this, then there would be more people wanting to get caught. It does appear to be the case that the Swedes have got their policing spot on.

What a police force-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

11.You need some pedal power

Yeah somebody needs to tell them that it might finally be too difficult to cycle anywhere due to the depth of the snow. One thing that is for certain is that the Swedes do like to try hard at all times.

You need some pedal power-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes

12.A scary toilet

Well did you even know that the Swedes went to the toilet with such a serious face? It does look like a lot of preparation for your face just to sit on the toilet.

A scary toilet-Best Meanwhile In Sweden Memes



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