Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:34 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Eye Fence

Becoming a human fence is obviously a new fashion trend. Some people pierce their nose, lips or eyebrows. This guy dared to be different and opted to pierce his eyebrows down to the top portion of his cheeks. More than 50% of this guy's vision is blocked due to those metal bars.

Eye Fence-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

2.Oreo Cow

This cow stands out above the rest due to its unique appearance. People are used to see cows with white hair adorned with black hair spots. However, this cow's color makes him resemble an Oreo cookie. In a weird twist of fate, if it wasn't for cows, we wouldn't have Oreos.

Oreo Cow-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

3.Paintbrush Hair

This guy loves his hair and outfit so much that he had to take a selfie to remember it. Unbeknownst to him, he actually looks like a used up paintbrush. This is the kind of guy that you do not want to be stuck behind in a crowded movie theater.

Paintbrush Hair-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

4.Dr. No

Any actor who plays Dr. Who, has the best job in the world. Though the actor changes every few years, the character has stayed the same. Dr. Who is usually nerdy, but his ability to travel through time and overall job is so cool that everyone wants to be him.

Dr. No-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

5.Balloon Dog

There must be some paranormal activity going on in this house. Unless this dog is filled with a ton of helium, there is no way he could be suspended in air like this. There are no visible strings attached to the pooch, so this must be a good Photoshop job.

Balloon Dog-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

6.Donald Trump Cat

Donald Trump and this cat must have the same exact barber. For years people have mocked Donald Trump's hair. He processes that his oddly-shaped mane is his, but the jury is still out on that one. The funny part is that this cat's fur-hair looks ten times better than Donald Trump's hair.

Donald Trump Cat-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes


Cats are always toying with fish tanks, in hopes they can find a way to catch them. This fish got the clever idea to 'pose' as a fish so he can get some fresh food to ear. Strangely enough, cats tend to hate water, so there's no way this cat would be in this fish tank if there was actually water in it.

Cat-Fish-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

8.Human Paintbrush

The art supply store must have been all out of paintbrushes. His hair is supposed to be used to paint the canvas, but is seems like there's more paint on his face and in his eyes. This guy must really trust his friends, if he's going to allow them to do this.

Human Paintbrush-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

9.Hamster Boxing

Hamsters are known to just run on their wheel, drink water, and star at you. However, this fella is a little more animated that the average hamster. Not only is this hamster "standing," but he's also in a boxing position. It's almost as though he's telling you "I'm ready to fight."

Hamster Boxing-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

10.Laced Shoe

This girl decided to turn her back into a shoe. Beauty is pain and this concept sure does look painful. The metal is literally stretching her skin to the point where it could rip. Unless she doesn't plan on wearing shirts ever again, lacing up her back wasn't the smartest idea.

Laced Shoe-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

11.Loaf Cat

Loaf cat wants to be let out. Because of his position, if you aren't paying attention, you'd mistake this cat for a loaf of bread. He's fluffy just like the other loaves; he's just got a little extra hair. The photo is funny, but no one is going to eat that bread now that it's been near a furry cat.

Loaf Cat-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes


He's not under the sea, but this guy is giving Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" some competition. The top half of his mermaid costume is out of place, but even mermaids must get cold. It's hard to tell why this guy opted to by create this look, but creativity should never be questioned.

Mer-Man-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

13.Webcam Girl

A look like this could only be acceptable on a fashion runway. The model looks like a walking webcam. The model's glass shoes, eyeball headpiece and the shall she's sporting all look like parts from a Halloween costume. Even the girl sitting in the background is not impressed by this ensemble.

Webcam Girl-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

14.Earthworm Neck

This has to be the most unattractive photo that anyone, anywhere, has ever taken in the existence of pictures. Some people look great at any angle, in any photo, but this guy is not that lucky. It could just be the face he's making, but at this angle, the guy looks like a human earthworm.

Earthworm Neck-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

15.From Doogie to Star

Neil Patrick Harris is one awesome guy. He went from being a dorky and almost obsolete child star, to one of the most sought after actors in the entertainment business. Harris' hilarious role in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle led to his role on How I Met Your Mother.

From Doogie to Star-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

16.Croissant Guy

The last thing a gym-rat wants to be compared to is a fattening food. This guy's odd pose makes him look just like a freshly-baked croissant. The creator of this meme even helps you visualize the comparison by Photoshopping a photo of a croissant on top of the guy's body.

Croissant Guy-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

17.Cereal Face

If you're looking for a Halloween costume for 2014, then you just found one. This creation must have taken a lot of time and effort. His face looks just like a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal. Cheerios are an addictive cereal, so it would be hard not to want to eat this.

Cereal Face-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

18.Basketball Head

If this guy's head were a real basketball, then it would be ready for the trash. Due to the overall shape of his head and face, the basketball looks like it's been kicked around and dented. Even with the writing and lines on his face, this guy would blend in perfectly with the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Basketball Head-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes


Either he spends too much time in the gym, or someone on the internet got creative in Photoshop. Even though he is a fit guy, his neck does not match-up with the rest of his body. It's eerie just how much he resembles a cobra out in the woods getting ready to attack its prey.

Cobra-Man-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes


This meme is painful to look at. Kids get all kinds of things stuck up their nose, but this takes the cake. The large ring is his nose makes him look like he should be mounted on a castle door. Aside from resembling a doorknocker, this guy's appearance makes him look like a bull.

Doorknocker-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

21.Broom Hair

There must be a huge supply of gel and hairspray in these guys' homes. These triplets take looking alike to a completely different level. While their hairdos are unique, they look a lot like the bristles of a black broom. On top of looking like human brooms, all of them look like they belong in an episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Broom Hair-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

22.Tennis Ball Man

Even the sport of tennis has fanatics. It's normal to see men and women paint their face with the colors of their favorite team for a sporting event. However, this guy must be the first person-ever to turn their face into a tennis ball. He even sacrificed the follicles on his head in order to create the look.

Tennis Ball Man-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

23.Gabby The Pumpkin

Gabby Sidibe is known for her acting and her size. Black is known to be a slimming color, and then there are colors, that tend to enhance a person's size. Wearing this orange-colored dress does absolutely nothing for her figure. In fact, it actually makes Sidibe look bigger and pumpkin-like.

Gabby The Pumpkin-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

24.Wolf Penguin

Penguins aren't the cutest animals in the world, but they are definitely better looking than this hybrid. If you only saw the top half of this creature, you'd be convinced this was a wolf, but as you pan down the photo, you're confused by what you see. This photo does make you realize that wolves and penguins share the same color-scheme.

Wolf Penguin-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

25.Cat Security

This cat has the climbing ability of a real-life Spider-Man. It's not every day that you see a cat suspended from a wall without any wires. The best part about this security camera is that it can jump down and claw the burglary, which is much quicker than waiting for the police to arrive.

Cat Security-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

26.Human Balloon

This muscle-bound guy is not afraid to show off his bulging muscles and hourglass shaped bod. His chest, biceps and triceps are so ripped that they literally look like balloons. On top of that, his chest muscles appear to be just seconds away from popping and flying off to the ground.

Human Balloon-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

27.Cat Flashlight

The cat in this photo appears to be either sleepy or under the influence of some sort of doctor-ordered medication. Just as the meme implies, when a person is under the influence they think they can be anything they want. This cat looks more like a funnel, as opposed to a flashlight.

Cat Flashlight-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

28.1000 Pounds

Donna Simpson lives her life the way she wants to. She didn't become recognized for having a lucrative career or for her book-smarts. She made headlines because she tipped the scales at 1000 pounds. While this isn't the dream most people want to live out, it's the one Simpson chose.

1000 Pounds-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

29.I Became a Pu$$y

This meme is so random. The word pussy can stand for either a cat (which is shown in the background) or it can represent someone who is a coward. It makes perfect sense to have the cat featured in this meme. However, the creator took things a step further and included a woman as well, which stands for a body part that doesn't need to be said.

I Became a Pu$$y-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

30.Face Toe

This meme is both hilarious and scary. The woman in the photo doesn't even seem like she has a body at all. Her neck is freakishly long and thick. Additionally, because of where her chin meets her neck, she comes across looking like a huge big toe with eyes and a mouth.

Face Toe-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

31.Selena Horse

Even someone as beautiful as Selena Gomez can take a bad photo. The singer was caught off guard and was photographed with her nose up in the air. Sadly, it gives the illusion that she's neighing like a horse. This isn't a good look for Selena Gomez, but it is a hilarious internet meme.

Selena Horse-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

32.Cat Towel

This cat is not amused in the least to be a subject of a meme. Though the kitty does look adorable hanging from that towel rack, he looks like he is just waiting for the practical joke to be over. Cat fur is not something anyone should want anywhere near their body when it's wet.

Cat Towel-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

33.Old Lindsay

After several years of drinking and abusing narcotics Lindsay Lohan has managed to age at a rapid rate. The cute girl everyone loved to watch in movies, and on television, no longer exists. Instead, Lindsay Lohan now looks like she's ready to sit at home and collect retirement checks.

Old Lindsay-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

34.Salt Shaker Kitty

Someone took their boredom out on this cat. The poor kitty looks terrified. The jar is in the shape of a typical salt-n-pepper shaker, but of course this one is much bigger. It is a mystery as to how the cat even fit into such a tight glass jar.

Salt Shaker Kitty-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

35.Human Voltorb

If you're not a Pokemon fan, then you might not get the reference. A Voltorb is a pink and white round sphere, with two eyes and no mouth. Much like a Voltorb, this young is shaped like a sphere. This probably isn't her best photograph, but it's perfect for the meme-world.

Human Voltorb-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes

36.Cloud Muscles

This guy must love the gym. His body is so ripped that his muscles look like a clutter of clouds positioned on top of one another. Most people would not view a body like this as 'normal,' but his friends in the photo don't seem to mind his unique appearance.

Cloud Muscles-Best 'They Said I Could Be Anything.' Memes



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