Best Red Bull Memes

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 7:53 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Well you hope it does..

Yep in this kind of situation you will be hoping and praying that a red bull cannot give you wings and throw you through the air. The water seems like a safe place to go and where is the can when you need it the most?

Well you hope it does..-Best Red Bull Memes

2.Students know all about it

Yep at exam time there are very few students out there that are not aware of the impact that Red Bull can have on their body. Can after can is consumed leading to them sleeping for 20 minutes which is broken up into 20 spells of one minute each.

Students know all about it-Best Red Bull Memes

3.It doesn't give everything wings

What this tells us is that Red Bull does not always give everything wings. However, for all we know perhaps butterflies are allergic to it in the first place? Maybe this was just an experiment that went wrong?

It doesn't give everything wings-Best Red Bull Memes

4.It is powerful stuff

Red Bull is indeed powerful stuff and if you manage to forget that you even have a car due to walking so fast, then surely that can be a good thing? OK maybe not since it is more expensive than gas.

It is powerful stuff-Best Red Bull Memes

5.Well it does if you drink too much

Yep if you drink too much of it, then there is a pretty good chance that you could end up sitting on the toilet for long periods of time and having to do it quite suddenly. Put it this way, you would not have this particular look on your face if it happened to you.

Well it does if you drink too much-Best Red Bull Memes

6.This is a fair question

This really is a fair question because surely this is how it all works out? It only seems fair that if you get wings from red bull that the opposite is also true?

This is a fair question-Best Red Bull Memes

7.Yep you are awake

Drinking a case of Red Bull by yourself is certainly something that you should never do because if you did do it, then the chances of you sleeping for the next year have just evaporated into thin air. Yes it probably does shorten the lives of cats as well.

Yep you are awake-Best Red Bull Memes

8.What a battle it will be

If you did go ahead and do this can you imagine what your body will go through as it tries to work out if it is going to sleep or just keep going? There is no way that you can even predict the way it will go, so it is kind of exciting isn't it?

What a battle it will be-Best Red Bull Memes

9.So very true

Well this is certainly very, very true because we all know how drinking too much vodka can result in you basically losing your legs. At this point you need to switch to the 4x4 just to get home in one piece.

So very true-Best Red Bull Memes

10.Your heart is freaking out

Wow imagine this for a combination and how it is going to get your heart pumping away. In all honesty saying it sounds like dubstep does not even come close to the disco that would be going on inside your body.

Your heart is freaking out-Best Red Bull Memes

11.Taking it too far

Well this is certainly a geeky way of linking Red Bull to space since you need to be a huge Star Trek fan to really appreciate this. By the way it does not actually give you warp drive.

Taking it too far-Best Red Bull Memes

12.The difference to dogs

Well this is the perfect example of why you should never give your dog Red Bull. Clearly it then starts to believe that it is like some kind of helicopter and it starts flying over fences. How do you even begin to keep them under control?

The difference to dogs-Best Red Bull Memes



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