Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 6:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Fallen Tree

I'm tree ... tree fallin'. This tree must have had a fun night, but his job is to stand tall the next day. Obviously, he is still drunk and unable to make it through his day. It's awkward to encounter a drunk tree, who just has no idea what his limit of spiked sap is. Maybe next time he'll learn before he imposes himself on the grass.

Fallen Tree-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes


Ooops Mr. Skeleton had one too many, and couldn't hold his liquor. Well, how could he, there's no place for it to go but out of his skinny bones. With no meat to soak up the liquor and no blood to measure his intoxication, it makes sense that he would fall over drunk every time.

Skeleton-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

3.Drunk Lightening

Okay lightening you're coming a little too close and you seem to have lost your way. This lightening storm is all over the place, unable to focus and walk a straight line. With all its power, we can't allow lightening to drink the night before a storm. Thunder doesn't let lightening strike drunk.

Drunk Lightening-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

4.Drunk Fish

That must have been one hell of a night. This fish is not only washed up on shore, but he's upside down and belly up. He looks quite hungover and unable to flip himself over on his own. How many of us have felt the very same way the morning after, feeling like a fish out of water?

Drunk Fish-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

5.Half Moon

Too hungover to show himself fully, the moon is only half there. Maybe because it's still daylight and he is hungover from the night before, but he better get his act together before nightfall because millions of people are depending on him to light up their sky. No time for a drunk moon.

Half Moon-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

6.Drunk Snail

All it would take for this snail to be drunk is one tiny drop of spilled liquor or wine. Seems he may have been under a dock where people were partying. Now, as he leaves a dizzying trail of snail slime, he has no idea where he's going. But the question is, was it worth Mr. Snail, was it?

Drunk Snail-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

7.Drunk Milk Man

Would you drink this milk, even if you were drunk. Well it seems that whoever was in charge of putting the expiration date on the milk bottles expired himself with one too many drinks. But hey, it must be a boring job stamping all those bottles all day. They must have to pass the time somehow.

Drunk Milk Man-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

8.Prop Wind

A drunk pilot barreling down into a field is not fun. This plane seems to be playing a video game, trying to knock off as many people as he can. He looks like he might be successful too, if those people don't zig zag and get out of the way instead of running in a straight line.

Prop Wind-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

9.Vomiting Pumpkin

Nothing worse than a pumpkin who can't hold his liquor. At least he won't ask you to hold his hair back while he pukes. Looks like he ate way too many seeds though, as he spews chunks. Maybe next Halloween he will think twice before engaging in too much spiked apple cider.

Vomiting Pumpkin-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes


News flash, a drunk trampoline is on the loose. If you see it in your neighborhood call the local police. With winds strong enough to lift a trampoline of that size up onto phone wires, you really might really want to stay inside and hunker down, and get drunk yourself.

Trampoline-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

11.Drunk Copy Machine

Is it the copy machine that's drunk, or the person who programmed it? I would go with the latter, but it must have been funny to whoever came across this while making copies. Let's hope that they weren't drunk as well, and went to tell their boss that they needed some mayo in order to finish their work.

Drunk Copy Machine-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes

12.The Blue Door

I see a red door and I want to paint it ... blue. It looks like whoever put this door there is definitely intoxicated. It's crazy what happens on the city streets sometimes, and fun that this picture was captured before the door was removed. Now let's see how many drunk people walk through it.

The Blue Door-Best Go Home, You're Drunk Memes



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