Best "guess..." Memes

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 7:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Which one is it?

So which one is it here? Have you actually looked low enough to see the writing? Do you think size does matter? So many questions and not enough time to answer them.

Which one is it?-Best "guess..." Memes

2.It probably is

So do you think that this is indeed the wife's car? If it's not then the guy has a lot of explaining to do because there is just far too much makeup in there for it to make sense.

It probably is-Best "guess..." Memes

3.Cats are strange

You know cats can be very, very strange and they find entertainment in various ways, but surely this just takes the biscuit. You just know that it is going to sit there for ages staring at its shadow without realizing it is staring at its shadow.

Cats are strange-Best "guess..." Memes

4.You weren't expecting that

Come on be honest here as you were not expecting to see Samuel L Jackson turn around were you? There were probably 100 different people that were springing to mind and he would not have been one of them, but surely that is understandable?

You weren't expecting that-Best "guess..." Memes

5.A smug look

This is very funny because of the look on the sloth and even though it is its normal look you have to admit that you can imagine it feeling quite smug since it knows which one it has peed on, but we don't. Do you dare to risk it?

A smug look-Best "guess..." Memes

6.Have you guessed yet?

Well this tells you the difference between two boys and how they can react in certain situations. She has not even noticed where he is looking, but hey the boy is happy so that is all that matters.

Have you guessed yet?-Best "guess..." Memes

7.The kid looks happy

This picture really is perfect because the face on that kid just sums up what they would be thinking if they did indeed have to poop just after getting their diaper changed. Boy is he happy with himself here.

The kid looks happy-Best "guess..." Memes

8.Not what you expected

Yep if you looked at this line up, then you would have probably opted for number 21 as the pro, but clearly that is not the case. It just shows that looks can indeed be deceptive.

Not what you expected-Best "guess..." Memes

9.Are we right?

So do you think we are right with this guess? Even if we are wrong it is still a lot of fun looking at them and trying to work out if they are real or not.

Are we right?-Best "guess..." Memes

10.Erm..said mommy for the first time?

So we need to guess what this baby has just did and there is a good chance that if you thought the baby said mommy for the first time that you would be wrong. Instead, you can probably think more horrible things and you will be closer to the truth.

Erm..said mommy for the first time?-Best "guess..." Memes

11.Can you pick them out?

Well this mother has three children, but clearly she favors two of them over the third, but is it too obvious as to which one she does not really like? Is it the hair? Is it the fact one has their face covered with the plastic rain sheet?

Can you pick them out?-Best "guess..." Memes

12.Can you work it out?

Go on there are three couples, so can you work out which one is actually the married one? Take a close look as the signs are there and nope it is not due to any rings on the fingers.

Can you work it out?-Best "guess..." Memes



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