Best "Doing It Right" Memes

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 7:11 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Yep you are doing it right

Not only do the parents themselves look cool, but there is no doubt that they have done a great job with this kid in getting them to dress up. If you are a geek you will probably be jealous of the kid in that their parents have done this for them.

Yep you are doing it right-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

2.If you tell the truth..then you are doing it right

Telling the truth always means that you are doing it right, but sometimes you can go a bit over the top with the honesty as this picture shows. Weigh up how much information you need to reveal because sometimes less is more.

If you tell the truth..then you are doing it right-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

3.What a body shot

This is the kind of image where you do not need a huge explanation as to why it is a good image and there is absolutely no doubt as to why they are doing it right. All you need to do is to step back and admire it.

What a body shot-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

4.The best costume..ever

This parent should now officially stop making costumes for their kid because it is impossible for them to ever better this one. The way that this dog has been changed is just an absolute stroke of genius.

The best costume..ever-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

5.The best drum picture...ever

This has to be the best drum picture in the history of mankind and when you look at it you just have to smile and then wonder how on earth they manage to balance them on their heads like that. Can you even begin to imagine the weight that must be in them and they are dancing about as well!!

The best drum picture...ever-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

6.Taking things literally

This is certainly taking things literally when it comes to Iron Man, but then somebody has to get that particular job done. However, this does kind of take away some of the mystique of the guy.

Taking things literally-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

7.A new found love for Superman

Now that is the perfect location for the Superman logo, but then what superpowers is she going to have? This is certainly better than the way Superman dealt with his pants since he just had them on over the top of his clothes.

A new found love for Superman-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

8.There's a tank there?

Is this photograph trying to tell us that there is indeed a tank there? Can you see it? All you can probably spot are a number of bare legs in the foreground and nothing much else.

There's a tank there?-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

9.The best plank ever?

Is this the best plank ever? It is certainly creative and you have to admire the guy for giving it a go in the first place because not many of us would look at this situation in a plane and think about doing it. In actual fact that tells you a lot about the character of the guy.

The best plank ever?-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

10.The different a border makes

This photograph is actually quite amazing since you see a clear difference between the two sides with the US side hardly having a clear space and then the Mexico side is practically empty. Imagine how each side feels when looking at one another.

The different a border makes-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

11.Professional twerking

Twerking is a strange thing in the first place, but at least this girl is trying to do something a bit different and not just copy what everybody else has been doing. We have to give her 10 out of 10 for trying.

Professional twerking-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

12.A different kind of buggy

Yes ok this may very well be taking things to an extreme with the wheels on the buggy, but at the same time there is something quite cool about it all. The only disappointing thing is that the child does not look that impressed.

A different kind of buggy-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

13.While one does it wrong..the other does it right

The kid on the right is certainly doing it right with his hand written note stating how God hates no one. However, the same cannot be said for the people on the left and in the background because boy are they doing it wrong.

While one does it wrong..the other does it right-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

14.Doing it right..big time

Yep this is certainly a case of doing it right because if you are the type of person that goes out to get revenge, then you want to make sure that you do a good job of it. However, how many of us would actually go ahead and think about doing this?

Doing it right..big time-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

15.Nerds can be sexy

What this shows is that nerds can be sexy and it does help to at least partially blow away the idea of them being dull and boring. Indeed, you may even find your opinion towards them changing, well certainly if they look like this.

Nerds can be sexy-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

16.That is one fluffy bunny

This really is one fluffy bunny and if we did look like this with not shaving for a month then the world would be a more interesting place. How does it even see where it is going? What happens if it gets caught in the rain?

That is one fluffy bunny-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

17.A clever bird

OK so you are a bird, but you are too tired to fly so what do you do? Well you can copy this bird which has used another one like a cab and hitched a free ride. Surely other birds looked on with envy at this?

A clever bird-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

18.The straightforward father

Yep this father seems to be pretty good at just being quite straightforward and getting to the point rather than giving his son a big long chat about what to do in this situation. He could have handled this so many different ways, but instead 8 words sums it up perfectly.

The straightforward father-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

19.That is an improvement

This woman has decided to take the duck face idea to an entirely new level and you have to say that she has succeeded. Of course the bonus here is that when you are finished doing the face you can then eat the chips, so you are doing it right in a number of different ways.

That is an improvement-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

20.Planking on a whole new level

This planking attempt has really taken things to an entirely new level because how strong is she going to be in order to be in that position and still support the guy on top? That is probably the most impressive part and not his plank.

Planking on a whole new level-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

21.Drag to do it right

Come on there is no way that you can look at this photograph and not laugh at the fact that they are indeed doing drag racing right. These guys are actually showing off in that they can run in high heels, but of course the glamour part is not exactly there.

Drag to do it right-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

22.How to play with yourself

Well if you are going to play with yourself then imagine being able to do it with the characters that you have actually played in the movies. Admit it, if you were in his position you would be doing the exact same thing.

How to play with yourself-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

23.The proud parent

While all of the other kids sit there listening it is cool to see this one boy rocking it out at such an early age. There will be two parents sitting there feeling very proud and so they should when they have already brought up such a cool little boy.

The proud parent-Best "Doing It Right" Memes

24.Yep you are doing it right

There can be little doubt that she has indeed done puberty right due to the way in which she has blossomed into this gorgeous woman. In this instance the phrase is just absolutely perfect for the photograph.

Yep you are doing it right-Best "Doing It Right" Memes



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