Bad Effects Of The Internet

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:02 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Internet Trolls

Trolls live under bridges and on the internet. Social media websites and forums are overrun with users who create fake accounts just to stir up trouble. These people make racist or out-of-this-world comments, as a way to rile others up. Normal users typically fall for this technique and windup raising their blood pressure arguing with them. So why do these internet trolls rile people up? It's perhaps because they didn't get enough hugs when they were young.

Internet Trolls-Bad Effects Of The Internet

2.Hacking and Phishing

Hacking is illegal, but it still happens quite often. People make a living out of hacking and phishing people and websites; some do it for fun, while others do it for revenge or to obtain information. Both phishing and hacking put that target's personal information at risk. Once a person is hacked or phished, they have to go through the annoying task of changing all of their passwords and personal details.

Hacking and Phishing-Bad Effects Of The Internet

3.Unsolicited E-mails

Much like the canned meat, spam is something no one wants. Even with a spam folder, every now and then an unsolicited e-mail will slip through the cracks and windup in your inbox. These e-mails are irritating and make you want to pull out your hair. Some of these 'fun' e-mails include fake job positions, X-rated website offers, and those insufferable messages informing you that you've been selected to inherit large sums of money.

Unsolicited E-mails-Bad Effects Of The Internet

4.Computer Viruses

PCs get more viruses than a toddler at daycare. Unless you have a MAC computer, your PC is always at risk when checking out the web. Viruses can steal your information or corrupt your system entirely. There is several virus detector software on the market, but there are thousands of viruses being created every day. To make matters worse, there are people who set up fake anti-virus websites in an effort to hit your computer with Trojans.

Computer Viruses-Bad Effects Of The Internet

5.Eye strain

Some websites have such small font that even Thumbelina needs a pair of glasses to read them. Looking at websites without a screen protector or ample light can put a lot of strain on your eyes. Experts recommend adjusting the screen brightness of your monitor to prevent eye issues from occurring.

Eye strain-Bad Effects Of The Internet

6.Internet Cyber Potato

People have moved from being a Couch Potato to being an Internet Cyber Potato. The internet is accessible on laptops, tablets, e-Readers and smartphones, making people even lazier than before. Some people spend hours upon hours surfing the web, which can minimize their physical activity. If you're on the internet, and your leg starts to cramp, try jogging around your house a few times.

Internet Cyber Potato-Bad Effects Of The Internet

7.Children Viewing Explicit Content

The internet can be a dangerous place for a child or teen. Kids are inquisitive and if they see a website that says 18+, they will click on it regardless of what the disclaimer says. Most explicit websites don't have a legit verification process, so anyone can claim to be an adult. Additionally, if a child hears their friends talking about a taboo topic in school, curiosity will kill the cat and they'll go research the topic on their own. Parents can implement parental controls to block these websites, but if a kid can figure out how to work an iPhone, then they can surely get pass a block on an internet website.

Children Viewing Explicit Content-Bad Effects Of The Internet


Cyberbullying has become an increasingly horrid issue in recent years. With anonymity, comes a new level of courage. Some people think it's okay to tease, taunt and threaten others via the world-wide-web because they assume they won't be discovered. These types of people get a kick out of hurting the feelings of others because it makes them feel good. There have been several instances where children have been teased so horribly that they decided to end their own life.

Cyberbullying-Bad Effects Of The Internet


One minute you're telling yourself you'll get off line by 10 pm and the next thing you know, it's 2 am. Cruising the internet late at night can upset your sleeping patterns drastically. Even when you give yourself a time limit on how long you'll be on, you tend to move away from that. The internet is like going down the rabbit hole; once you find one thing, you have to keep going until there are no other links to click.

Insomnia-Bad Effects Of The Internet

10.No Privacy

The internet gives people as much privacy as a prison shower. There are websites (third-party sites) that will purposely take your personal information and use it to spam you later on. Top search engine Google even keeps track of the websites you visit in an effort to supply you with ads that you may find useful in the future. There are browsers that do allow users to enable 'private browsing,' but there is no guarantee that the feature is solid.

No Privacy-Bad Effects Of The Internet

11.No Face -To Face Interaction

The internet has taken away people's need for in-person interaction. Years ago, people actually met up at a cafe or bar to have discussions. But with the development of programs such as Skype, ooVoo, Kik and Yahoo Messenger, people don't even have to leave their home in order to see a friend or mate's face.

No Face -To Face Interaction-Bad Effects Of The Internet


Lonely and deranged people don't just roam the streets anymore. More and more people are using the internet to catfish someone they like. Catfishing doesn't just happen to people on dating websites. In fact, a person minding their own business can be Catfished. There are several people out there who peruse social media websites pretending to be someone they're not in an effort to fill a void in their life. Additionally, someone in your real-life could Catfish you because they're too shy to approach you in person. The only way to avoid being Catfished is to stay off the internet entirely.

Catfishing-Bad Effects Of The Internet



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