Amazing Ketchup Art

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 4:56 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Deckard Cain

Even if you have no idea about Deckard Cain you cannot fail to admire the work that has gone into this particular piece of ketchup art. The detail even in the beard is outstanding and it just comes across as quite a creepy, scary picture, which of course is perfect for the subject with this piece of art simply being there to be admired.

Deckard Cain-Amazing Ketchup Art


This thing is huge as it measures 1.7m in diameter and as you can see it is crammed full of artwork from spaceships to a tomato, and a whole host of other things all drawn out of ketchup. They say that this took 15 bottles of ketchup to complete and a whole lot of patience never mind a steady hand to save ruining the entire thing.

Heinz-Amazing Ketchup Art

3.Team Coco

OK so this piece of ketchup art shows Conan O'Brian and you simply cannot mistake him thanks to the clear resemblance on the plate. However, the monkey is the coolest part in all of this and there is a good chance that your eyes were drawn to him first over and above anything else on the plate.

Team Coco-Amazing Ketchup Art


A turtle may not be the first thing you think of drawing with ketchup, but this example has certainly come out very well indeed and you can easily picture it slowly moving across the plate as turtles tend to do. It must have taken some time to complete this drawing with the detail that is in it and overall it is a fantastic example of this difficult type of art.

Turtle-Amazing Ketchup Art

5.Rolling Stones

OK so some people may have absolutely no idea as to what is going on here, but hopefully they will at least have heard of the Rolling Stones. The tongue and lips in the middle is actually one of their most famous logos and if you have seen the real thing then you will know how insanely accurate this ketchup art really is.

Rolling Stones-Amazing Ketchup Art


OK maybe the RAWR was not required, but the actual drawing of the tiger is first class. How they manage to get as much detail is something that will only twist your mind until your head explodes, but they have captured every part of this animal and perhaps you even feel slightly scared about being so close to it.

Tiger-Amazing Ketchup Art

7.Kool Aid

Just how amazing is this ketchup picture of the Kool Aid man? Even the writing is very well done indeed, but overall most people would really struggle to draw something like this and considering it is done using an extremely unstable liquid in ketchup it just makes it even better.

Kool Aid-Amazing Ketchup Art

8.Praying Mantis

You would be forgiven for just waiting for this praying mantis to leap off the page at you because it really has just been captured in ketchup to perfection. The pose, the detail, and even how it makes you feel as if it is about to move just adds to the image and a piece of art that really is outstanding.

Praying Mantis-Amazing Ketchup Art

9.Eye of Sauron

This will not mean much unless you like the Lord of the Rings. However, even if you are not sure about the movie you have to admit that it is still a cool ketchup picture with a lot of detail that you could probably not even do with a pencil. The plate does help to just frame the image as well just adding to the finished effect.

Eye of Sauron-Amazing Ketchup Art


This is a cool ketchup picture in that you can almost feel as if their wings are moving in order to keep flying and how they managed to draw this in ketchup with it being all smeared and running really is a bit of a mystery. The person behind this has so much skill that you can only stop and admire their work.

Ducks-Amazing Ketchup Art

11.Marilyn Monroe

As soon as you look at this image you know that it is Marilyn Monroe and that shows how good the artist is that you can recognize a person even when they are drawn in ketchup. The resemblance is outstanding and you can only imagine the patience that they must have in order to produce something like this.

Marilyn Monroe-Amazing Ketchup Art


The fact that this is done on a plate and only using ketchup is amazing. There is actually quite a lot of detail in there and it does highlight the skill of the artist that they were able to produce something as good as this using a material that is not exactly well known for its artistic traits.

Zebras-Amazing Ketchup Art



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