Amazing Body Hair Art

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The wine glass

Some people would probably refer to this as the wine glass and you can see why. It is certainly very angular, but hey the guy looks to be very proud of it and perhaps that is the most important part?

The wine glass-Amazing Body Hair Art


Well this is taking patriotism to a new level because very few guys would end up getting the flag shaved into their chest like this. The only problem is that the top of the flag has gone a bit strange, but then that is probably due to his nipple being in the way.

Patriotic-Amazing Body Hair Art

3.It is what you think it is

Yes this guy does actually have what you think he has shaved into his back and that is something that you thought you would never see. Surely somebody has done it as a joke on him and he is unaware of it because would you be walking around like this?

It is what you think it is-Amazing Body Hair Art

4.The cat

Well this is what you call thinking outside of the box because very few people would look at their chest and think ahhhh yeah I know what to do!! It is made even better by the fact that it appears to be looking for its eyes and you can guarantee there is nobody else with this out there.

The cat-Amazing Body Hair Art

5.We have wings attached

Well what can we say about this one apart from the fact that this guy now has some wings on his back. It is just a pity that his hair is blocking what is at the top because you just feel that the whole design is just that bit cooler.

We have wings attached-Amazing Body Hair Art

6.Nice 'tache

Perhaps the strangest thing in this photograph is that you will look at the moustache and actually think it is cool when you should really be wondering as to what the hell is going on. The thing is, if you were this guy would you walk around with your top off all of the time?

Nice 'tache-Amazing Body Hair Art


There is so much going on here that it is difficult to know where to begin. If you look closely you can see all kinds of things staring back at you, but mainly it is a big robot style face and overall it is pretty cool.

Funky-Amazing Body Hair Art

8.Nice bra

If you are looking for funny body hair art, then is there anything that could possibly beat this? It really is so clever to shave it into a bra and you can just imagine the looks he would have been getting while on the beach.

Nice bra-Amazing Body Hair Art

9.Anybody for chess?

First of all this guy must have one of the hairiest backs in the history of mankind and secondly how much patience must he have had to sit there while this was being done? You have to admit that it is quite funny to look at, so anybody for chess?

Anybody for chess?-Amazing Body Hair Art


The fact that this guy is holding his shirt open like that just makes the picture even better and you fully appreciate him having had the Superman logo shaved into his chest. All he needs now is to wear his pants on the outside and the transformation is complete.

Supermaaaaannnnnnnn-Amazing Body Hair Art

11.It's Jesus!!

You have to admit that this is pretty good and you can understand why the guy is standing there with such a smug grin on his face. The question now is how long did it take to actually shave this? The person that did it must have had one hell of a steady hand.

It's Jesus!!-Amazing Body Hair Art

12.One long beard

This guy did this for Movember in order to raise money for charity and you have to admit that it is an absolutely genius idea. It has to be the longest facial hair in history and it is so well trimmed into shape and how did he get it to curl like that?

One long beard-Amazing Body Hair Art



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