Amazing Dog Houses

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 5:17 am
By:Mike Litzler

1.Paris Hilton's dog's mansion

It makes perfect sense that everybody's favorite pampered heiress would pamper her lap dog by putting it up in a luxurious doggie mansion that many humans would envy. But we can only hope the dog has long-term plans for the next time its owner gets arrested.

Paris Hilton's dog's mansion-Amazing Dog Houses

2.Dog house with sun deck

This pretty dog house with a helpful ladder also comes with an easy to access upper deck gives the doggie owner many options to choose from. He can bark loudly at neighbors from the lower deck or he can bark loudly at neighbors from the upper deck.

Dog house with sun deck-Amazing Dog Houses

3.Southern plantation dog house

This lovely plantation styled dog house is just perfect for sipping a tall glass of lemonade under a Magnolia tree and reminiscing about the old days of The Confederacy when a dog was as good as his word and everywhere you looked there was a tree you could urinate under.

Southern plantation dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

4.Giant dog house

Yes, this is certainly a dog house of a different kind. But you have to admit it's pretty amazing and it must garner some interesting reactions from all of the home's various visitors (especially the mailman). Let's just hope hope for all parties concerned that everyone living inside is house trained.

Giant dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

5.Coffee shop dog house

This is for the precious little pooch that has everything and wants a double mocha mint to go with it. Best of all, Starbarks comes with Wi fi connection so little Coco can keep up with his Facebook friends if he remembers to bring his laptop home from the kennel.

Coffee shop dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

6.White (dog) house

This lovely abode is for the dog with some serious presidential aspirations. The dog pictured here is Senator Spike, a Republican from Florida. He is a hopeful in the 2016 race, promising voters that, with their support, he'll be properly house trained by his first year in office.

White (dog) house-Amazing Dog Houses

7.Japanese dog house

This magnificent single-roomed dog house is located in the heart of downtown Tokyo. The owner is a world-traveling German Shepherd still adjusting to the new country. In no time at all he'll fall in love with his new home and figure out how to say "roof roof"! in Japanese.

Japanese dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

8.Spanish styled dog house

These lovely homes are quite popular lately with the Dobermans. They offer a spacious environment, many upper level rooms and ample opportunity to bury bones in the front yard. Best of all, there are no Poodles in the area. We all know how they can ruin a neighborhood.

Spanish styled dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

9.Fairy tale dog house

Once upon a time there was an adorable little dog whose owners took him camping with them in a pretty little pink dog house. On the way back home from the woods, the family all looked at each other and said, "Did we leave something back at the camp site?"

Fairy tale dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

10.Log cabin dog house

This dog house is just perfect for the history buff dog who wants a dwelling very similar to the one Abraham Lincoln grew up in. Perhaps someday the little ankle biter who lives here will grow up to emancipate all the enslaved dogs of the nation.

Log cabin dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

11.Middle Earth dog house

This flamboyantly colored dog house is especially designed for those dogs who want to spend their afternoons making cookies in the middle of the enchanted forrest. It's also a good home if you strongly suspect that your sword carrying, upright walking dog is actually a hobbit.

Middle Earth dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

12.Dog house with patio

This domicile is something for the discerning bulldog whose needs not only include a chimney and a glass door, but a patio for those days when you feel like inviting the neighborhood squirrel or stray cat over for some tea and a frisky chase through the garden.

Dog house with patio-Amazing Dog Houses

13.Victorian roof dog house

This adorable little house with victorian roof comes with a beautiful little garden in the back yard so your little Butch won't have to go too far to find flowers he wants to scatter all over the yard, looking for his cheap plastic squeaky toy. How sweet!

Victorian roof dog house-Amazing Dog Houses

14.Dog house TV

What you're looking at is a dog living in his home which is modeled after a vintage TV set. The five-year-old in the home will most likely be the most amused by all of this because when the dog leaps onto his lap, he'll think he's watching the most awesome TV show ever.

Dog house TV-Amazing Dog Houses

15.Mobile dog house

Here's a little something for the pooch on the go. A dog house that will give your little pet all the comforts of an ordinary dog house but with the option of mobility when there's a mailman in another location whose ankle he really needs to bite.

Mobile dog house-Amazing Dog Houses



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