15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 12:15 pm
By:Mike Litzler

Human creativity has no boundaries. This banana art just proves that. It's a kind of fine art where people draw portraits, characters, and shapes on a banana skin. As you know, banana peels turn brown as they ripen. Artists use this natural darkening phenomenon of bananas to their advantage by strategically puncturing or damaging the skin with a needle. Punctured spots on peel darken prematurely, allowing us to perceive art. Banana art is something that's easy to learn, but hard to master. You may give it a try if you want to, but do check these 12 amazing banana art pictures for inspiration, before experimenting!
1.Jim Morrison

The Doors' Jim Morrison lives; well in banana form at least. Morrison is probably one of the hardest people to illustrate because of his luscious locks of hair. Even the artist opted to just create his face. The banana art looks like a young Jim Morrison, rather than the adult most fans came to know and love. Aside from his eyes being a little lopsided, this is a great graphic.

Jim Morrison-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

2.Despicable Me Banana

There's nothing despicable about this artwork. This whimsical illustration of Dave from Despicable Me is chock-full of amazing details. From the intricate shading on his gloves, to the alignment of his teeth, this artist put a lot of effort into this creation. This banana art differs from most because the drawing almost seems embedded into the banana rather than on its surface.

Despicable Me Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

3.Cat in the Hat Banana

Banana art tends to be sketched with a needle or safety pin, this one however, looks like it was drawn with a pen. The illustrator's technique is so defined that it's hard to believe this was accomplished on skin. Only a great artist can draw a character without going overboard with loads of shading, and that is the case for this piece. This Cat in the Hat fine art looks like it came from the heart.

Cat in the Hat Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

4.Darth Vader Banana

There's nothing dark about this Darth Vader banana art. Since the banana is yellow, the details on the helmet are more visible. An obscene amount of craftsmanship had to go into making Vader's mouth grid and eye sockets. Both areas have tiny little details that could not have been accomplished without having a steady hand and a keen eye. This sculpture even looks better than the real thing.

Darth Vader Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

5.LV Banana

Louis Vuitton doesn't like people replicating his patterns, but I think he might make an exception this time around. Patterns are one of the hardest concepts to recreate due to the preciseness that comes along with it. This recreation is nothing short of amazing! There are no mistakes with any of the shapes or 'LVs.' It is almost as if the artist took a print out of the LV pattern and stamped it onto the bananas.

LV Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

6.Patrick Bateman Banana

This is a fun banana art featuring 'Patrick Bateman' from American Psycho. The sketcher went all out and even decided to draw splattered blood all over Bateman's face. This is a fairly decent illustration of the fictional murderer, especially since the artist used a black and white photo to recreate him.

Patrick Bateman Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

7.Bob Marley Banana Art

This picture is perhaps the best on the topic. The Bob Marley banana art is a great tribute to the late reggae king. Bob Marley's iconic face is a favorite subject to draw or paint. A banana artist attempted to draw Marley's face on a banana peel, and we guess he or she had successfully done that. Although the sketch is small, the sharp details on it are amazing, particularly on Marley's face. The art looks like an intricate painting that took hours to complete. The tiny spaces the artist left in between Bob Marley's hair, to emulate dreads, was a stroke of genius.

Bob Marley Banana Art-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See


8.Chariot And Horses

Move over Ramesses, there's a new chariot rider in town. The horses have identical and expressive features, making them look like figurines. This piece was constructed so well that it doesn't even look like it was made out of bananas. The figure in the middle has an astounding amount of detail and it's surprising that with all that carving, his little arms managed to stay intact. Bananas are one of the softest fruit around, so it is truly impressive any individual to be able to create the masterpiece like the one you see above.

Chariot And Horses-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

9.Pulp Fiction Banana

Two of the most recognized characters from Pulp Fiction have been brought to life on the skin of a banana. This impressive artwork can be appreciated by any fan of the movie. The artist's rendering of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield is just right. It takes a certain amount of skill to draw a figure based on shadows and lighting, and that's what this artist does here.

Pulp Fiction Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

10.SpongeBob Banana

It isn't a pineapple, and it isn't under the sea, but this is SpongeBob Squarepants. This banana art is a little rough around the edges, but the illustrator did a good job of refashioning SpongeBob's quirky look and fun-loving attitude. Maybe now he can change his name to BananaBob Squarepants.

SpongeBob Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

11.David Bowie

This artist didn't just create David Bowie on a banana; they re-created his album artwork for his album, Aladdin Sane. The one major difference between this artist's sketch and the album cover is that Bowie's eyes are open here but they are closed on the real artwork. The decision to leave his eyes open might have been intentional on the artist's part, especially since it would have been hard to tell that it was Bowie if his eyes were closed.

David Bowie-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

12.Fight Club

This artist must have a deep love for the movie Fight Club. These sketches are an accurate representation of both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who both starred in the 1999 film. Being that Brad Pitt was Norton's alter-ego in the movie, this artist should have saved themselves some time and just created one banana art.

Fight Club-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

13.Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers go yellow, with this banana fine art. This artist had double the work by drawing both Elwood and Jake from the 1980 movie. The sketch of Elwood (left) looks like more of an illustration, while Jake (right) is more of a real-life depiction of the character. In the grand scheme of things, the amount of work that went into creating the suits for both of these guys is remarkable.

Blues Brothers-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

14.Here's Johnny

Jack Torrance's face isn't what you'd want to see on your food, but the execution is indeed amazing. The artist did a superb job of etching Jack Nicholson's demented "Here's Johnny" scene from The Shining. The only fault with this art is the artist went a little heavy handed with the shading underneath the nose; it makes Torrance look like he has a super thick mustache when that isn't the case.

Here's Johnny-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See

15.Marilyn Banana

Even on the skin of a banana, Marilyn Monroe looks good. The artist is able to capture Monroe's sultry eyes and pouty lips by using just a safety pin. Though the sketch has a ton of shading on the right side of her face, Monroe's distinct features still managed to come through perfectly.

Marilyn Banana-15 Amazing Banana Art You Will Ever See



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