Amazing 3D Street Art

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.It's Time To Go Fishing

Sitting by the lake and waiting to catch a fish is tedious. Why spend time being disappointed when you don't catch a fish, when you can just pretend. With this illustration, you will never come up empty when trying to fish. The drawing is simple, fun, but far from reality; manly because it would be hard to even catch a whale on a simple fish hook. But who needs reality when you're having fun?

It's Time To Go Fishing-Amazing 3D Street Art

2.Life Size Pac-Man

If this Pac-Man game were real, no one would ever get any work done. This 3-D rendering of the classic video games makes even the ghost creatures look friendly. One of the best aspects of the artwork is that you can jump in and pretend to venture along the maze as well.

Life Size Pac-Man-Amazing 3D Street Art

3.Shamu is Here

Shamu isn't afraid of the mean streets. This killer whale illustration shows the true beauty of this underwater creature. Of course a whale would never survive on the street, but the artist makes you forget about reality with this artwork. Someone even placed a genuine beach ball on one of the whale's to create a more realistic scene.

Shamu is Here-Amazing 3D Street Art

4.Escape and Hold On

This illustration resembles a painting and should be in a gallery rather than on the street. So much time and effort went into creating this piece and it shows. You have random men trying to escape from within and though you can't see their faces, you can see the anguish in their bodies by how their hands are positioned.

Escape and Hold On-Amazing 3D Street Art

5.Walk The Lion

If you're crazy enough to keep a lion as a pet, then maybe you deserve to be eaten. But if you're like the rest of the world and would much rather pretend you have a lion, then you'll appreciate this illustration. The lion is positioned in way that makes it appear as though it's walking the streets with its owner. This lion might be on a leash, but it still looks ferocious.

Walk The Lion-Amazing 3D Street Art

6.Avoid The Crack

This artwork will have drivers and bike-riders swerving all over the place in an effort to avoid it. This crack is so life-like that you have to do a double-take when you see it. The fact that the illustration is positioned on both the street and sidewalk makes it even more real, especially since most of these types of illustrations are done on the street solely.

Avoid The Crack-Amazing 3D Street Art

7.Pretend Bodybuilding

If you can't lift more than eight pounds, then maybe you should hit the gym. But if you're not into sweating and you still want people to think you're strong, then head on over to this illustration. This artwork makes the wimpiest person in the world look like a bodybuilder.

Pretend Bodybuilding-Amazing 3D Street Art

8.Santa At Work

Santa is supposed to be at the North Pole with the elves, but it looks like he's relocated. This illustration shows Santa hard at work in his office reading his letters. The artist even threw a certain red-nosed reindeer into the illustration. If your little child wants to know whether or not Santa reads their letters, then take them to this spot.

Santa At Work-Amazing 3D Street Art

9.Ride The Tiger

If only tigers were this friendly in real-life. This artist made it so anyone, anywhere, can mount this tiger and not have to worry about getting their eyes clawed out. Even with the square separations on the ground, the tiger looks all too real. This kitty cat is as tame as they come.

Ride The Tiger-Amazing 3D Street Art

10.Tripping Down The Stairs

This is a scary event in real-life, but seeing it drawn on concrete is pretty amazing. You can't pretend to walk down the subway stairs, but you can pretend to offer the guy a helping hand as he falls down the stairs. The artist even made the falling guy's shadow correctly.

Tripping Down The Stairs-Amazing 3D Street Art

11.Walk the Spider-Man Web

Thanks to this artist, you can pretend as though you're being saved by Spider-Man. You stand on the ledge of one of the buildings, or you can tight-rope walk Spider-Man's web. Even though Spider-Man is the main attraction of this piece, the buildings are eye-catching. The intricate details of the buildings that Spider-Man is slinging his web from are stunning.

Walk the Spider-Man Web-Amazing 3D Street Art

12.Jump The Cliff

This street art is not only gorgeous, but it's interactive. The artist created this piece in way that makes it come alive no matter where you stand on it. You can stand on the edge of the cliff and peer over, or you can pretend you're taking a leap and see if you make it over to the other side.

Jump The Cliff-Amazing 3D Street Art



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