Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:57 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mind Of Its Own

So like a train, you would just stand there and wait for this elevator to appear? Sounds really strange and not a way that anyone should take an elevator. We hope that at least there is a light so residents can see where the elevator is in relation to their floor.

Mind Of Its Own-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

2.Work In Progress

A truthful note that most elevators should have. When an elevator is down, it makes life hard for most residents. Sounds like the elevator from the hit show, "Big Bang Theory," that has had a broken elevator since the series premiered. It's not fictitious, or funny, because this is true in some buildings in the real world.

Work In Progress-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

3.Elevator Farts

This is a true fact. Why is it that some people think it is okay to expel their gas in this small box? Do they think somehow it will dissipate within seconds? It seems most people think they can leave it behind and no one will know, or in worst case scenarios, people coming onto the elevator won't think it's them, after all, he who smelt it, dealt it.

Elevator Farts-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

4.Love In An Elevator

So much goes on in an elevator, it's surprising that the only movies ever made of being stuck in one are horror movies. A lot of love making, one night stands and other fun acts take place in elevators, and no one seems to care about being caught. Maybe because they can stop the elevator between floors.

Love In An Elevator-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes


Sometimes an elevator note may look like a complaint, but in reality is not. These residents like what they're smelling and want to meet their new neighbors. As they say, "birds of a feather, flock together," and in this case, smoke together. Hey as long as they all like it, no harm, no foul.

MARA JA WANNA-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

6.Step With Caution

As funny as this sounds, some people really don't check. We are so used to the elevator being there, we may be caught up in talking or just in a daydream, but every now and then, there could be a malfunction and no elevator appears. It could be a very long fall. Be careful.

Step With Caution-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

7.Size Matters

This is hilariously funny. What happens to the guy who pressed floor number two. A great way to get anyone on floors eight or under to take the stairs. Does anyone really want to read that their manhood is only three or four inches long? Even though it's not truthful, men are too insecure about things like that to take the risk.

Size Matters-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

8.Time Machine

Whoever got away with doing this was pretty clever. A time machine is really what an elevator is. You step in, you disappear, only to reappear on another floor. It's kind of funny to think of it that way, and anyone who is getting on the elevator is sure to get a chuckle ... as long as there isn't a fly inside with them.

Time Machine-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes


Wow whoever this screamer is will sure get a surprise the next time they get on the elevator, will this make them stop? In most cases, people will take this as a challenge, especially if the neighbors have no idea which apartment all the screaming is coming from, and if they are truly doing all that screaming, they will be too happy to respond.

Screamer-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes


A very judgmental note for someone to write, but nonetheless funny. It fat shames anyone who is not stick thin who decides to ever enter that elevator and press floor number two or three. We have to wonder what the person who wrote this note looks like, couldn't they just take the stairs and get their work out in at the same time, even if they lived on the top floor?

Fatty-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

11.Got Stairs?

It's true that people hating getting into an elevator and seeing someone press a button for a floor lower than theirs. That means they have to wait for the elevator to stop for them before proceeding to their floor. It is even more annoying when the elevator just goes up to floor two and stops.

Got Stairs?-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes

12.sex In The Elevators

A passive aggressive way to remind residents not to have sex in the elevators, as if the residents really care if they are on camera. Those who have sex in elevators are exhibitionists by nature, this is just a challenge now. The would have been better of telling them to list their sex tape for sale and then take a cut.

sex In The Elevators-Absolutely Hilarious Elevator Notes



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