15 Times Parents Showed Their Inner Child

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 7:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Parents are the best part of your life. At times, they may annoy you by telling all the right things and rules and restrictions for your safety, but there is always a cooler side of them many of us don't know. Here are fifteen times parents showed how funny they are. These parents are funny, sarcastic and insanely cool. They make us think why can't we all have parents like them. Check them now, and don't forget to share this list with your parents.
13.Strongest Sperm

This is the one of the best dad jokes we have seen in the recent times. Out of a million sperm cells, it's you who managed to stick to your mom's uterus and fertilize her egg!

Strongest Sperm-15 Times Parents Showed Their Inner Child

14.Birth Control Blanket

This is more like a 'no sex' blanket. That's one insane dad out there, ladies and gentlemen!

Birth Control Blanket-15 Times Parents Showed Their Inner Child

15.Parents with Great Sense of Humor

It is all fun - as long as the murderer on the loose doesn't visit their home!
Parents being cool or poking fun at their children is a sign of their happiness and confidence (in most cases). You will find your parents cool as well, but only when you make them happy or support them like a good son or daughter. 

Parents with Great Sense of Humor-15 Times Parents Showed Their Inner Child