15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:12 pm
By:James Fraser

Most of us hate our jobs, but continue working because we have to. Millions of employees around the globe are unhappy about their work or workplace because of one or other reasons. We all know it's rare and difficult to find a perfect job. Many of us are so frustrated that we can't stop thinking to resign from company all day, all night! Here are fifteen people who thought they had enough and finally said bye to their employers in style!
4.Because a Resignation Letter is Too Mainstream

Now the whole community knows Adam has left Taco Bell. Before this incident, no one even knows who Adam is! Now the whole town knows it, and even loves knowing why Adam had to leave! We must remember not all employees are same!

Because a Resignation Letter is Too Mainstream-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

5.Another Negligent Employer

People who work at local shops and stores face this problem a lot. Employers usually keep keys with them, and they themselves open the shops in the morning. If the employer comes late, the employees like storekeepers or helpers have to wait outside. Here, you see the pain of one such poor employee in the image.

Another Negligent Employer-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

6.A Baker's Way of Saying Goodbye

If computer programmers or designers write their resignation letter as a cool program or a design, why not someone working at a bakery do that? He or she may not write a program, but can make 'good bye' cakes definitely. Check this person who used a cake to sign off from his job permanently.

A Baker's Way of Saying Goodbye-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style