15 Images That Show Irony In This World

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 5:28 pm
By:James Fraser

Things don't always go as planned! Sometimes they take the path of irony! Here are fifteen images that define the meaning of irony. These funny images of signs, billboards and notices will make you laugh. Some of them are really stupid too! Why waiting? Check them out.
1.Poor Sign Board

It looks like someone is not really happy with this board and the message it had on it. No Shooting? Who cares! Arrest? Who cares? It isn't just about shooting, it is about sending a message! We don't know who did that. We would rather say this board that was shot in its heart stands as a true example of irony.

Poor Sign Board-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

2.Bird Knows What's up

This seagull is freaking awesome! It stood on the signpost that says 'no seagulls'. It looks the people who put that board can actually communicate with the birds! Yes, they can. The seagull is there to answer them! Bird stood there like "I'm here, idiots".

Bird Knows What's up-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

3.This Dog is a Rebel

Pissing on the signpost is his way of telling the authorities 'f*ck off'! The dog didn't like the sign at all. This dog is a true rebel! The dog knows how to piss off people, particularly the management or the authorities. This image is hilarious, and will be one of the best.

This Dog is a Rebel-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

4.Protest Against Protests

What kind of logic is this? Protesting against protests doesn't work! It is nothing but pure irony. Check the poster, where people are gearing up to protest against student protests. Don't you think these people lack minimum common sense?

Protest Against Protests-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

5.'Your' in America

Now this is some serious irony. It's okay to ask people to speak in English, since they are in America. However, this person should have checked his grammar first before giving a sensitive advice to others. We wonder how so many people get this 'your' and 'you're' thing wrong!

'Your' in America-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

6.You Should Have Stayed in Home

If you hate crowds, why would you want to come out in the first place? Now this is called irony. He hate crowd, and he is telling the protesting crowd that he hates them! It's like you hate rain because it drenches you whenever you come out on a rainy day without an umbrella or raincoat!

You Should Have Stayed in Home-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

7.Oh, Irony

We guess this board is the culprit. It looks like this thank you board turned out to be a distraction for this driver. It's all guessing, and we don't know what exactly happened there. Nevertheless, the irony is too strong with this one.

Oh, Irony-15 Images That Show Irony In This World


8.Singapore, Litter Free

Oh, what an irony! Singapore is generally a clean city, but the irony in this image has done some damage to city's reputation. Despite the trashcan reminds people to keep Singapore clean, they chose to dump the trash on the floor.

Singapore, Litter Free-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

9.Irony at its Best

This is one such event that attracts photographers more than the common people. The photographers, usually, live with their camera 24/7 as if it is an integral part of their body! Asking people not to bring cameras to a photography exhibition is nothing more than pure irony.

Irony at its Best-15 Images That Show Irony In This World


10.The Real Irony

Now, this is what we call 'iron'y! This thing that is made to prevent rust couldn't save itself from it! Whatever the company's technical team says, we believe this is just irony. If it can't protect itself from rusting, how can it help other things around? This is what an average person thinks!

The Real Irony-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

11.This is Called 'Morony'

Billboards are a bad thing in the first place, as the only thing they do on roads is to distract drivers. Putting up a road safety message on a billboard is even bad. Now, asking for people to text for driving tips is worst. We hope some people learn how to properly create awareness on road safety.

This is Called 'Morony'-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

12.When News Hits Home Hard

Do you love ironic images? Then, you must mark this image as favorite! This picture has irony written all over it, in every pixel! The driver of this van made the tag line "Where the News Hits Home" real. Things like these don't happen every day, so watch and share! We feel sorry for the driver and the property owner though.

When News Hits Home Hard-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

13.Irony, and We Appreciate That

The driver of this vehicle will get the shock of his life when he comes back to check his van wheel clamped. This vehicle belongs to parking enforcement team, which got clamped because of a parking violation. Sweet justice, delivered!

Irony, and We Appreciate That-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

14.College of Architecture, Planning and Irony

Will you send your children to this college? The way they failed to put up their own name sends a message straight to anyone that this college isn't the right one. Nobody wouldn't even question if this college isn't a place that teach architecture and planning. What a fail!

College of Architecture, Planning and Irony -15 Images That Show Irony In This World

15.Write for Free Help

It seems like the people who put up this board know a certain type of illiterates who can write, but can't read! Is this even possible? No! What it is, then? Nothing, just another ironic board on display!

Write for Free Help-15 Images That Show Irony In This World



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