15 Images That Will Make You Say 'Me As A Parent'

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 7:47 pm
By:James Fraser

Parenting is a difficult thing. It has become even more difficult nowadays as parents have to keep their children away from many distractions and age-inappropriate things. Children are mysterious. Though your good parenting influences your child more than anything, you still can't predict whether or not your kid will grow up to become a nice person. Let's talk about parents. The parents of this generation are very different from what parents used to be like a couple of decades back. Check these fifteen images that will make you say 'me as a parent'! 
7.This Dad Just Being a Dad!

His calculations were indeed incorrect! Nonetheless, that's some new learning experience for the kid! It's some experience for the dad too! He will probably do his math correctly next time he's with his baby girl to more serious stunts. 

This Dad Just Being a Dad! -15 Images That Will Make You Say 'Me As A Parent'

8.And This Dad

So the dad introduces the baby to this world? Great! It would have been much better had his costume look little closer to Rafiki (Lion King)! It's funny, though. 

And This Dad-15 Images That Will Make You Say 'Me As A Parent'

9.This Dad and His Cruelest Prank!

You don't often see parents playing pranks, but when they do, they scare the shit out of kids. 'You are adopted' - that's the worst thing a son/daughter can ever hear. 

This Dad and His Cruelest Prank!-15 Images That Will Make You Say 'Me As A Parent'